After an 8 Year Run, We’re Done


After almost 8 years, Mattie and I have decided to part ways and end our relationship. Sunday evening we sat down and discussed it, and both agreed we were better off without the other. There was no fight, no yelling, just an amicable agreement. We briefly discussed who gets possession of a few items, but most of our stuff has always been pretty separate. I’m taking the Keurig, which he was annoyed about, and he’s keeping Cards Against Humanity, even though it was a Christmas gift to me. I am trading him the vacuum for the amp I’ve been using. Netflix has been transferred completely over to him. The hardest part, for me anyway, is that I will be leaving Sashi behind, but I have to do what’s best for her, not just what I want. He says I can have visitation with her though so I hope that actually happens.

There’s just too many differences between us, that as the years went by, grew larger, which less to fill them in. I’m not going to sit here and say horrible things about him, but this last presidential election really brought to light some things I had been ignoring and just can’t any more. We’re just not compatible and it took too long to figure it out.

I called my mom first thing on Sunday and told her we’ve decided to end things, that its just not working out and can she please help me move. I took an entire carload of stuff out that evening, mostly yarn, and then Monday I filled my car again, plus my mom’s truck, which we took out and unloaded. I fell twice while I was out there and sprained my ankle, and the second time I fell, I landed on a bookshelf I was carrying and completely destroyed it.

I think two more truck loads and 2 more carloads will have everything out of here except what I’m opting to leave behind. Once I get everything straightened out, I’m going to start applying for wait lists on low income housing and hoping for the best.

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