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A Little Off Track But Not Too Bad

Today was a bit of a struggle to stay on track with food but I feel like I did okay. I made good choices throughout the day and went to the gym to do a half hour of cardio before dinner. Dinner was a big salad with ham on it, and a side of mac n cheese that Mattie grumbled about because it was spicy. I used nacho cheese that I had leftover from last night on the pasta and that was very evil of me.

After dinner we went to Palmdale to check out a new frozen yogurt place (Yogurt Land) and we were impressed. I got the Vanilla Malted and Chocolate Truffle swirled together with a few cookie dough bits mixed in. I only filled my cup about halfway so I wouldn’t do too much damage to my day’s eating. After we had our froyo, we popped by Bevmo to pick up some fancy specialty beers, Mattie some wines, and me a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s. I love me some good rum and Sailor Jerry’s is my favorite!

I also made a trip earlier in the evening to the store where I bought lunches to last Mattie out the rest of the month, apples, bananas, a cantaloupe, more lettuce, some bacon, and some pudding cups. That leaves me with about $5 til the end of the month after I take out for dog food, which if I’m lucky the dogs won’t even need this month because I bought two bags at the end of last month.

I also did some quick crafts, busting out my polymer clay and making a pendent, and some clip on style earrings which I’m not quite finished with. I’ll finish them later this evening.

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