About That Loan…

So back on the 8th I posted about going to the bank because one of the accounts paid off with my debt consolidation loan was not mine because someone put an account number in wrong. I had been back to the bank something like 4 times since and only yesterday did they finally give me a check made out to the creditor so I could mail it in and get it taken care of.

First off, the account they tried to pay off did not exist so their electronic payment bounced right back. They immediately cut a paper check and mailed it to that same non-existent account only this time they put my name on it as if that would make it suddenly fixable. Nope. It still didn’t get paid. It took me a few weeks to find this out.

During my visits to the bank, I was told I would be paid out in cash, or with a check to me or with a check to the creditor. None of those things were happening. Finally on the 27th, after having my investigation of the whole matter expedited twice I waited another 2 hours in the branch and they cut me a check made out to the creditor which I mailed off myself that afternoon after writing my correct account number on it and printing out my statement and sending it all in.

Now I’m waiting for the check to get to Florida and then I’m also waiting for the check back from another creditor who the bank overpaid. That money will go towards paying off the new interest that the account they fucked up paying on generated during the month everything was in limbo. I’m rather irritated but what can I do? At least now things are finally getting taken care of like they should be more or less.

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