About Me & This Blog

Here’s some things you should know. I’m a crafter. I sew, knit, crochet, make jewelry, work with resin and polymer clay, and I do the occasional cross stitch design. I also make and sell seed bead patterns for making brick stitch earrings. You can find over 200 handmade, unique, and many one of a kind makes at the link above. I also used to do graphic design (Its what I went to school for) but I’ve chosen to close my door on that and move on.

Okay, ignore all that. What you need to know:

  • I struggle with mental illness. I’m Bipolar, plus a hefty dose of its accompanying depression. I’m fully med-compliant, and I’m also in therapy. My therapist is amazing. I’ve only been seeing her a few months but I’m already seeing changes for the better in myself.
  • I have a betta fish named Bill, a Nerite snail named Henry, a German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois pup named Yuba, and a sort of mine cat named Mildred. I live with my mom and her boyfriend, following the end of my previous almost 8 year relationship.
  • I enjoy all sorts of crafts, but especial yarncraft and jewelry. I sell some of my things I’ve made on my other site, Kittyloaf Designs.
  • I’m currently rediscovering who I really am. This has manifested in ways such as getting a lazyhawk, really delving into self-care, getting the body mods I’ve wanted for years, making new friends, and exploring kink. It means along with therapy, I feel like I’m finally blooming into the amazing woman I’m supposed to be.
  • I’m fat. I’m not saying that in a body-shaming way. Its merely an adjective that fits my large body. I’m working with my therapist to get into the right headspace to hopefully want to lose weight (again) and get fit and healthy.
  • I love comments. Seriously. You don’t need to sign up, and you could even use a fake email if you wanted. Just say something. 🙂
  • I’ve recently jumped into subscription boxes. I’m trying to give each one 2 months to get a decent feel for it and decide whether to keep or cancel then. Here’s what I’m currently subscribed to:
    1. EarFleek – one pair nickel-free earrings each month based on a style profile you choose $4
    2. Book of the Month – one book you can pick from a curated list each month $15 (+$10 for each additional book)
    3. Dollar Shave Club – Great razors delivered monthly at a nice low price.


    1. BirchBox – 5 beauty samples $10 – too much stuff I will never use
    2. TOM Box – candy, jewelry, makeup, with out without feminine products. $8+ – all crap I hated…. Maybe if they had sent chocolate instead? 
    3. Lip Monthly – 4 to 5 full size lip products. $15 – none of the colors they sent worked with my skin
    4. Ipsy – 5 great makeup products a month $10 – loved everything about it but now I have too much great makeup. 

*Links are referral links; I receive compensation for them.