My Instruments

So if you’ve read many of my blog posts, you’ll know in October (I think) of 2015, I acquired my first ukulele. A Kala tenor.

Then a few months later, I put together a DIY pre-fab kit, a concert uke I painted with a zombie theme.

Not long after that, I was in a thrift store, and I found a Dulcimer Factory DF1 mountain dulcimer and before even knowing what it was, I knew I wanted it. It came home with me.

Then I purchased a Luna banjolele from Guitar Center. I wanted that banjo-y sound but I decided I wasn’t ready to take on an actual banjo yet. Maybe one day!

In summer of 2016, I took the plunge and I bought a violin…. and a soprano uke (actually two of them but I sold one to a friend’s daughter because I didn’t fall in love with it), and followed that with a djembe (also from GC) and a Native American flute that I picked up at a craft fair I did from another vendor.

The violin is of rather poor quality, and it has a wolf tone, but its okay for me to learn on and I can always get a nicer one when I learn to play better.

At that point, I had quite the collection. Christmas 2016 rolled around, and my father in law bought me the Kala baritone uke I had on my wishlist. I should be good for a while, right?

Maybe not. I had been browsing ads on CL, just looking, not looking for anything in particular, when I saw a beautiful Peavey Grind BXP 4 string bass guitar. For weeks I kept going back and looking at the ad. Finally, on January 11th, in the middle of the night, I sent a text about it to the contact number. The next morning I found out where it was located (it was in a pawn shop) and that evening I went to look at it. Love at first sight. I bought it and now I have a bass.