Ali Express Can Be Weird But Delightful Place

If you’ve never shopped on Ali Express, it’s basically meets Chinese resellers meets the dollar store. There are more expensive items but cheap is really the word of the day there.

I tend to go there to buy myself small items where quality isn’t super crucial or items that are more silly than purposeful. Anyway, last night I was looking at erasers and just because I bought one penis shaped lipstick last year, Ali Express thinks I’m obsessed with dick. I mean I kinda am but it’s not all I want to see.

This terrible turkey hat. I’m pretty sure they got her drunk to get her to smile about it. He might be a serial killer.
Super cute erasers are still a thing! I wanted to buy them all but I don’t need them all. I just need two or three regular ones and I’ll be set for a while.
This is freaking cute as hell but probably not as cute when it actually arrives. For $10 though if it would fit me, I would buy it.
I just…. Vaginas and vulvas don’t sit on on the fronts of our pelvises. There’s no reason to make this like this. It’s just all wrong.
Diamond painting meets Rule 34? I just…. I dunno. It looks like the original art isn’t terrible but I’m picturing this with horrible artifacting and mischosen colors and it looking horrible on your wall.
This is just horrifying.
Why is his crotch giving off jets of steam? Are the underwear really hot? Does his penis have a fever? What’s happening here?
Sticky cocktails in a squirt gun. You’re never going to get that place clean again. Sticky. Forever.
These are oddly cute. Maybe to use as a bud vase?
I actually did order one of these. My iron supplement likes me best if I take it every other day, so figured I’ll give this little slice a try.
I bought one of these too. I saw the monstera leaves and couldn’t pass it up.
And these were the most grown up of the erasers I looked at… I bought some of these too.

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