And It’s Begun!

Monday was the first day of the Fall semester.

My history class was opened on Sunday, and I’ve already got the first assignment turned in. I’m supposed to comment on two other student’s submissions, but so far no one else has turned anything in and it’s due tomorrow. There’s points for commenting, so hopefully someone puts something up soon. I also emailed the instructor my disability accommodations but she hasn’t replied. The class is basically going to be “American feminism” so it should be kinda fun.

Monday I went to campus early to pick up my accommodation printouts for my instructors, and ordered my parking permit. That took a little while, and then I went to my first class.

Math is likely going to be an easy A. I was so worried about it but I think my instructor is actually a math fairy and the class is going to be great. I might bring something to crochet during the first few weeks.

After that was Anatomy lecture, which was mostly deciding who was getting an add and who was getting dropped. One of the girls from my group in BIOSCI100 was supposed to be in the class but she got dropped.

Lab followed that and we spent a couple hours looking at slides. It was pretty cool, and then to make it cooler, we got to meet the cadavers and dig around in one of them a bit. We have 3 cadavers!

I have a ton of studying to do for Anatomy but none in math. And on Saturday I have the first meeting for my Spanish class. I’m pretty excited about that.

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