Aquarium Stock List

29 Gallon Community Planted Tank

  • 1 bristlenose pleco
  • 3 sunset platys
  • 3 blue wag platys + 2 fry
  • 3 golden twin bar platys
  • 1 dwarf pencilfish
  • 1 black neon tetra
  • 6 (?) Zebra danios
  • 2 amano shrimp
  • ? Red riili shrimp
  • ? Ghost shrimp
  • Too many mystery snails to count, mostly very small

Notes: the platys are really delightful little fish. They’re bright and colorful, active, always looking for food, and the joke someone told me about them is true… (There’s two kinds of platys- male, and pregnant!)

I just dropped off about 30 mystery snail babies to Petco in New Year’s Day because I just have so many. I’m trying to remove any egg clusters I see at this point; they’ve been breeding way too successfully!

Tons of live plants that are established, and I just added a bunch more. Tank would be considered heavily planted but not quite a jungle yet.

I’m running a sponge filter that’s good for up to a 55 gallon tank.

36 Gallon Bowfront Goldfish Tank

White sand substrate. Planning to add several bunches of elodea and maybe some marimo balls to aid with water quality.

Filtration is sponge filter good up to 125 gallons. Heater set to lowest setting- the house gets really cold in winter.

Will seed to start nitrogen cycle using the other filter from the community tank.

I’m hoping to stock the tank with two fancy goldfish, maybe pearlscales or ryunkin.