Dream Bass

Christmas afternoon, I took a nap, because Christmas is exciting and I stayed up too late and woke up too early, and I had a dream that was so real, I thought it actually happened when I woke up.

When I was dreaming, I opened my closet and found my dream bass leaning up against the wall. It looked a lot like a B. C. Rich stealth, and it was black, and I was super excited. And I could play! 

When I woke up I actually looked for it, before realizing that oh yeah, I can’t play for shit – definitely a dream. And the bass a really want is a white Warlock or even a Mockingbird. It has to be white. 

So weird random dream, but cool because it was pleasant and pretty normal overall. 🙂 

I Dreamed…

… that a guy was following me somehow. I first saw him because he ran out in front of me while I was driving and he was on fire. But he was angry, and seemed unconcerned that he was burning, so I kept driving. I saw him watching me from several other places as I drove on. I was lost. Up ahead I saw Bravery Brewing, but it was a different place then it actually is, and I realized how lost I was. I opened my Maps app and put in the address of my high school, but it just kept showing me ads and no directions. I drove back how I had come, but nothing looking familiar.

Finally I stopped for gas and when I got back in my truck, the man who had been following me was inside it. He had an aerosol can and was huffing from it, and a big knife. He started threatening me with the knife and then suddenly I was in a canyon. There was another guy there trying to help me get rid of the guy in my truck, and then suddenly I was on a motorcycle, careening down the narrow canyon road. The first guy was following after me, and I jumped the bike off of the trail. Where I landed was a beach, and the second guy was there with three others. They convinced me to go with them, on foot.

The beach was a mermaid encampment, and the mermaids were all in human form… except for their teeth. Great, long fangs, some with sabre-tooth tiger teeth. They took me to a walled, roofed enclosure with 8 mermaids and 7 other women and closed the door. Suddenly I knew the mermaids were going to eat us. When the mermaid nearest me grabbed me, I bashed her face into a rock, breaking her teeth and shoved her into the grasp of the next nearest mermaid, who started to eat her.

Then the doors opened in the midst of the chaos, I started to run, and I woke up.