Another Dream

I had the weirdest dream. I was at a huge 3 story mall and I had returned something and got $26 back. A $20, a $5, and a $1.

I was walking the mall, and this guy in bad drag picked my pocket and kept pretending to give me back my money but it was all obvious fakes. $3 bills and stuff.

Somehow I knew he was really a fish and I got him to change back to his fish form so I put him in a baggie and took him to the mall cops. He was a danio. But he died in the bag before it was my turn (I had to wait in line until they called my number) and they could make him give my money back.

The mall cop gave me $26 after writing up so crazy report that the pet store overcharged me by that much and a refund was owed, and then I got in my car and drove home.

Terrible Dream

The other day, I woke up and almost called 911 for myself. I literally had to talk myself down and convince myself what I thought happened was just a dream and it wasn’t real.

In my dream, I woke up, took the entire bottle of klonopin that’s next to my bed with my other meds, passed out, and couldn’t wake up. Then when I did wake up in real life, I was convinced I had actually tried to kill myself and needed to call for help immediately.

The zoloft I take gives me crazy, vivid dreams. Like they’re insanely real feeling, and sometimes I have a lot of difficulty telling what was a dream and what wasn’t. But this is the first time the zoloft has given me a scary dream. I don’t want to do that again.

Dream Bass

Christmas afternoon, I took a nap, because Christmas is exciting and I stayed up too late and woke up too early, and I had a dream that was so real, I thought it actually happened when I woke up.

When I was dreaming, I opened my closet and found my dream bass leaning up against the wall. It looked a lot like a B. C. Rich stealth, and it was black, and I was super excited. And I could play! 

When I woke up I actually looked for it, before realizing that oh yeah, I can’t play for shit – definitely a dream. And the bass a really want is a white Warlock or even a Mockingbird. It has to be white. 

So weird random dream, but cool because it was pleasant and pretty normal overall. 🙂 

I Dreamed…

… that a guy was following me somehow. I first saw him because he ran out in front of me while I was driving and he was on fire. But he was angry, and seemed unconcerned that he was burning, so I kept driving. I saw him watching me from several other places as I drove on. I was lost. Up ahead I saw Bravery Brewing, but it was a different place then it actually is, and I realized how lost I was. I opened my Maps app and put in the address of my high school, but it just kept showing me ads and no directions. I drove back how I had come, but nothing looking familiar.

Finally I stopped for gas and when I got back in my truck, the man who had been following me was inside it. He had an aerosol can and was huffing from it, and a big knife. He started threatening me with the knife and then suddenly I was in a canyon. There was another guy there trying to help me get rid of the guy in my truck, and then suddenly I was on a motorcycle, careening down the narrow canyon road. The first guy was following after me, and I jumped the bike off of the trail. Where I landed was a beach, and the second guy was there with three others. They convinced me to go with them, on foot.

The beach was a mermaid encampment, and the mermaids were all in human form… except for their teeth. Great, long fangs, some with sabre-tooth tiger teeth. They took me to a walled, roofed enclosure with 8 mermaids and 7 other women and closed the door. Suddenly I knew the mermaids were going to eat us. When the mermaid nearest me grabbed me, I bashed her face into a rock, breaking her teeth and shoved her into the grasp of the next nearest mermaid, who started to eat her.

Then the doors opened in the midst of the chaos, I started to run, and I woke up.