It’s getting closer to me being moved out of Mattie’s, and back in with my mom. I’ll be fine all day, but come nighttime, and I’m wracked with anxiety. The last 3 nights I’ve taken a klonopin to help me actually very some sleep .

My mom has taken 2 truck loads of my stuff out there and I’ve taken 3,with what i think will take 1 more load from each of us to get it all.

I would already be moved out there but the second room I’m supposed to have a hasn’t had the floor repairs completed so all my stuff out there so far is crammed into one room. Every surface is covered, roughly 5 feet high.

Tomorrow (well technically today) I’m thinking about driving out and collecting things for donation. The goal is to cut my clothing pile in half, get rid of all the old books I’ll never read again, the games we never played, the old stuffed animals I don’t love anymore.

Basically, I want to haul a full carload of of there tomorrow.

I’ve listed a few things for sale too, so hopefully I can make a few dollars towards getting some jeans that actually fit.

I’m just feeling overwhelmed with everything right now, Mattie is starting to get antsy about me as being here, and I just want this all to be over with. We’re still sorting out custody of a few things. I’m trading him my vacuum cleaner for an amp, and I’m thinking of asking if he’ll trade me my Pyrex for the guitar stand my acoustic guitar is sitting on. We still have to sort out the custody of most of our games.

I know in my mind that this is for the best but I’m so stressed out right now.

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