Coursework Progress

Here’s a page to monitor my progress of my coursework towards my degree as an MLT.


Requirement/Course Name/Course NumberCompletedUnitsGrade
Prereq/General Biology/BIOSCI100Spring 20194.0C
Semester GPA2.0
Prereq/Beginning Algebra/MATH060Fall 20195.0A
Prereq/Anatomy & Physiology I/BIOSCI204Fall 20194.0C
Gen. Ed./Women in US History/HIST120Fall 20193.0A
Enrich/Elementary Spanish I/SPAN101Fall 20195.0B
Semester GPA 3.23
Gen. Ed./Intro to American Govenrment/POLSCI150Winter 20203.0B
Gen. Ed./Nutrition/HLTSCI150Winter 20203.0A
Semester GPA3.50
Prereq/Anatomy & Physiology II/BIOSCI205Spring 20204.0C
Prereq/Intermediate Algebra/MATH070Spring 20205.0C
Enrich/Elementary Spanish II/SPAN102Spring 20205.0EW
Semester GPA2.0
Elective/Chemistry General Prep/CHEM151Fall 20204.0B
Enrich/Elementary Spanish II/SPAN102Fall 20205.0B
Semester GPA3.0
Elective/Microbiology/Spring 2021
Enrich/SPAN150Spring 2021
Semester GPA
Gen. Ed./Fundamentals of Public SpeakingSummer 2021
Enrich/Spanish Medical Terminology ISummer 2021
Enrich/Spanish Medical Terminology IISummer 2021
Semester GPA
Enrich/SPAN201Fall 2021
Gen. Ed./Statistics MATH140Fall 2021