Crafting Craze

I’ve been doing a lot of crafting the last few days, some completely new projects, and some where I added to and really finished off some old ones. Here’s a few photos… 🙂


The doggies are modeled after Sashi and Lucy of course, and I had fun making their little bowl of kibble. You can’t see it in the photo, but the bone says DOG on it too.


I was going for cute and simple with the girls, not trying to make everything perfect. My joins are obvious but I’m not worried about it and I think they turned out adorable!


These fish I all made months ago- maybe over a year ago. I realized they would look better mounted on a plaque and I added the little clumps of coral to balance it out. I made the coral the same way I made the kibble in the bowl above. I added two eye screws and a wire and have mounted this one on the wall.

Yesterday morning I went to Michael’s and came home with all this stuff.


  • 8 wooden plaques in different sizes and shapes
  • 3 strands beads
  • 3 bottles paint
  • e6000 (2 oz)
  • detail paint brush
  • set of 3 bristle brushes

Total $24.56 (Savings of $13.47)

I’m planning an anniversary craft with some of this stuff! But you won’t be seeing that until July!

I also finished up this guy who will be going into my shop soon last night.



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