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Donating Blood

After finding out there is a blood donation center here at our local hospital and that I was probably eligible to donate, I drove over last Tuesday morning to see. Its something I’ve wanted to do for some time but never had.

It took me almost twenty minutes to get into the hospital and find the right building because someone had hit a utility pole in front of the hospital that morning and the main street its on was mostly blocked off. Once I got in there, I did the questionnaire, and I was in the comfy chair all ready to get poked… and then the power went out.

With no power they don’t have reliable blood storage, so I got sent home. But ten minutes after I got home, they called me back, so I hopped back in the car again. This time we were in business!

No one warned me they use a 16 gauge needle for donations- something about not damaging the actual cells in the blood I guess. I think a 14 gauge is used for implanting microchips so that’s a pretty big freaking needle. And I have tiny veins.

The lady had to keep fiddling with it, but I gave my pint and say down to enjoy my snack. It was like being in kindergarten again. Cookies and juice… LOL. After that I drove home and went on with my day. I’m super glad I finally did it though and will definitely do it again!

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