Dreamtime Rewritten

I’ve had a category for a while for recording my dreams, but I’d like to rewrite some of them into more of story then just a mishmash of things and thoughts. Here’s the first one. Enjoy!


He was following me. I first saw him when I was driving. The road was long and empty, and he ran out in front of my car. He was on fire, his body being consumed by flames. Part of me wanted to stop, to help him, but he seemed angry and unfazed by the flames. I kept driving.

As I traveled on, I saw him watching me from several other places. Was he following me? Was I hallucinating? I continued driving.

Now I was lost. I didn’t know where I was, but up ahead I saw Bravery Brewing. The name was familiar but not the place, making me realize how far off my path I had traveled. I opened my mapping app and put in the address of my high school. Ads scrolled across my screen, showing me a variety of products I had never heard of, but no directions appeared. I turned my car around and headed back how I had come. Nothing looked familiar.

I stopped for gas. When I got back into my truck, and flaming man was inside the cab. He had an aerosol can without a label and was huffing from it. He had a large knife in his other hand. I froze, too afraid to move and exit the truck.

He threatened me with the knife, waving it at me. Suddenly, I was standing in a canyon. Another man was trying to fight off the the flaming man. I watched, still frozen.

I was on a motorcycle, careening down the narrow canyon road. The wind buffeted against me, cold and icy. The flaming man was following me. I pointed the bike off of the road, landing on a beach. The man who tried to help me was there, along with three other men. They convinced me to go with them, on foot.

The beach was beautiful, breathtaking really. There was a mermaid encampment. The mermaids were all in human form, but their long, sabre-like teeth showed me what they really were. They took me into a walled, roofed enclosure and closed the door. There were eight mermaids inside and seven other women. I was scared. Nothing about this felt right. The mermaids weren’t going to save us. They were going to eat us.

The mermaid nearest to me grabbed me. I had a large rock in my hand and I struck her in the face, hard. Several of her teeth broke with the impact, and I shoved her backward into the grasp of another of her kind. Her brethren began to eat her. I ran for the doors.

The doors flew open, and I continued to run. I ran into the night.

Sex, Drugs, and a Queendom

It was night and Alix and I headed over to Hemme’s, a local bar. We grabbed a couple drinks. I was using a fake ID this evening and there was a bit of a mix-up with another patron over our phones. They looked very similar, and I ended up with his. I didn’t notice, but at the same time, he also swapped my bag and wallet out for another that looked the same, but didn’t have any of my personal things in them. Later when we went to pay our tab, I discovered my cash, debit cards, and ID were all missing, and my phone was not actually my phone.

Around the same time, we met two Asian people. A girl of seventeen, and a man of thirty. They wrote love letters to me on my arms, and we decided to leave with them, and headed back to her house. She wanted to pick up some heroin as well. At her house, her room had a large, soft fabric dome, like a cave. We crawled inside and after a bit, we had decided to go camping and get high. The girl had the heroin and we pulled into the fifth person in our party’s car. He drove, and the four of us piled into the back, precariously hanging on for dear life as we hurtled down the freeway towards the campground.

The girl pulled out the heroin and began applying it to all of our skin. I started to refuse but she applied it to me as well, and instantly I felt things shift. I don’t know how to explain it but the world became more intense, more real. The drive was both terrifying and fascinating, and last, we arrived at the site.

We entered through a cabin, which was decorated entirely in shiny, silver colored things, mostly consisting of condoms. A brief conversation followed about my latex allergy. Passing through the cabin took us to an open area with several large, concrete, shaped bowls designed for sleeping. I immediately dove into the largest one where the Asian guy was already laying and climbed on top of him. We began disrobing and I observed he had the thickest cock I had ever seen. 

Midway through our sex, there was a commotion outside. He went out to investigate, and I found myself in a room. A naked man, draped in a large, pink feather boa, walked toward me from the corner of the room. He was a knight from a magical kingdom and had come to arrest my group and take us to see his Queen. We were to be killed for an offense I didn’t really understand.

We entered the magical kingdom and I was sent to face their Queen alone. Somehow I defeated her, and I became their new Queen. I moved into a house, that from there outside, looked like ancient medieval stone work, but on the inside was completely modern. I was living with the handsomest of the knights, and having sex with all of them. 

Sex with the denizens of those magical kingdom was different. Orgasms weren’t just orgasms. Aside from the typical fluids ejaculated at climax, they also ejaculated tickets that could be traded in for prizes. I discovered this in the shower, stroking this handsome knight to his climax, and being rewarded with four tickets. I was confused, and he was confused that my people’s bodies didn’t do this.


I came home and my Dad was there, very excited to show me something. He led me out to the feed trailer, and showed me the old, and disassembled, hamster cage laying on the floor. There was a box a few feet away.

“You cleaned the hamster cage?” Dad grinned and gestured at it on the floor. “Well I thought Halo must be bored with life so I got this out and he went to town on it with his tongue. Cleaned it right up!” Halo looked up at us, seeming bored by the whole conversation.

My dad handed me the box. “I got him some hamsters to cheer him up!” I opened the box to see two very large hamsters. They looked suspiciously like small guinea pigs. Dad reached into the box, removed the hamster-pigs and placed them in the cage. They immediately began wandering through the tubes.  Halo was unimpressed.

I looked back at the hamster cage. It was now boiling with different colors of fur. “How many did you get?!?” “48!” Dad replied. “Are they all boys or girls,” I asked. Dad shrugged. “Some of each I think.” I groaned, and asked him if he bought food for them. “They don’t need to eat unless their teeth hurt.”

The hamster-pigs were in the feed trailer, so as long as they could eat hay and whatever other feed we had in there, I guess they’d be fine.