Fall 2019

Today I had an appointment with the disabled student services office at AVC. I was hoping that they still waived class fees so I could take A Spanish class but they don’t do that any more.

While I was there, I found out that I could boost my GPA up over the 3.0 mark if I applied for Academic Renewal and knocked 3 old fails off of my record.

After I left the DSS office, I went into the Student Services building and talked to someone at Counseling, who sent me to the Pride office and they made me an appointment for doing the forms for Academic Renewal. That’s on the 11th.

Then I went to the Cashier’s office to ask what my bill was. $20! I got approved for the Cal Promise Grant so that covered my class fees! Woohoo! I paid the bill and went to run a few other errands.

When I got home I emailed the instructor to see if I need to buy the book new because of the digital add-ons. Yup. Gotta buy it new. $190 freaking dollars. I can just swing it between July and August’s class.

I’m hoping that CoC opens registration for Fall on Monday. I have my classes picked out and I’m ready to register. I’ll be taking BIOSCI 204, HIST 120, and MATH 060. I’m kinda freaking out about the math class, but I’m using Khan Academy to review pre-algebra and get started on the beginning algebra section before the semester starts to prepare myself. And if, no, when, I pass MATH 060, it will replace the failed grades on my transcripts.

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