Feeling So Much Better

I woke up today feeling so much better than yesterday. Yesterday I honestly felt like roadkill. I did make myself go back to the book sale yesterday though and found 5 more books I wanted- 2 crafting books, 2 cook books, and one art book called Gnomes that I bought for my friend Tracy who later I learned was actually looking for that book. That made me happy because I know she’ll be happy to have it. My 2 crafting books were both crochet patterns, which I seem to be collecting a lot of.

My cold is hopefully on the way out because I don’t think I can stand to be sick like this much longer!

I took the magazine we got by mistake several days ago to the house where it should have gone (our mail lady sucks and gives us everyone else’s mail all the time) with a note of apology attached about its delay in getting to her.

Mattie surprised me when he got home by taking me out to dinner at a little hole in the wall Mexican place and we both ate too much. Afterwards we came home to watch some TV, to catch up on a few of our shows.

DSCF1193Tomorrow is Saturday and is the start of Bark at the Park. We look forward to taking the girls to this every year because its a lot of fun. I donated a few doggie items to their raffle this year. I like to think the dogs have a good time too but who knows. I think Sashi finds it a bit overwhelming but exciting to be honest and Lucy is old and tired and doesn’t care about anything. But we take them every year and encourage them to play the doggie-friendly games and they always come home with new treats and toys, which they do really enjoy.

I ordered my Halloween costume today too after some deliberation and finally went with what I did because it was on clearance and I honestly don’t have a Halloween budget this year. It was a toss-up between a few things but the *_______* costume finally won out. I think it will be a little tight in the chest but I’m not too worried about it and it will be here in plenty of time to make sure it fits before Halloween.

I still need to practice my ukulele (it’s been days!) and to take the trash out and a few other little chores tonight. I’m hoping for another early night because I really could use the sleep since I am still sick.


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