Friday the 13th Flash

I had errands to run today and thought I would check out some of the special Friday the 13th flash some of the tattoo shops were doing. I went by 3 shops and the first two were not impressive.

I went to Pokerz first, and the second I walked in the door, they thrust paperwork at me without even asking what I was coming in for.

I looked at the flash, see a cute design. Says $40. I ask if they can make it bigger, and if that included color or shading. They told me they are only doing tracing jobs today, no changes will be made, and it’s for a plain black outline only. Sorry dudes. A cheap tattoo is rarely a good tattoo, and I want something I’ll actually like. They weren’t willing to do additional work at the regular rate, and they didn’t suggest making an appointment to come back.

Next I went over to Black Orchid. Tracy raved about them a couple years ago. I didn’t like any of the flash they had up and they completely ignored me. I was there long enough to flip through all the photo books, look at the flash, wall decor, the whole shebang, and no one could even make eye contact. I left.

After that I went over to Electric Soul and things were off to a better start. I was greeted immediately, and they had flash I actually liked. One of the designs was a simple, traditional styled Death’s Head Moth. They let me know I could feel free to look around and if I had any questions, they would be happy to answer them.

I had questions. and then this happened.

He’s a cute little guy!

Danny did him, and every five minutes one of the guys was asking how I was feeling because apparently this should have been super painful. It stung, but it really wasn’t bad at all. And now I have ideas to build off of this at some future date.

I still have an appointment for the 27th with Bob to do a praying mantis on my other shin, and I think I’m going to ask him to touch up my thigh piece as well. I like Charles’s work but I had such a bad reaction to the ink he uses not once but twice, that I hesitate to go back to him for touchups.

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