Game of Thrones Season 8

So I finally, weeks after everyone else, watched the Game of Thrones final season, and it was incredibly disappointing. With the except of a few small details, it was entirely predictable and just flat.

Anyone who says they didn’t see Dany losing her mind wasn’t paying attention since the dragons hatched and she stepped out of the fire. She was having delusions of granduer from the point where Drogo made her Khaleesi and the dragons made her really believe she was invincible. Everywhere she went after that, she rained destruction down.

The 5th episode did not need 30 minutes of the dragon torching the city and her toying with Circe. Circe knew she was going to die and she knew who was going to do it.

The scene with The Hound and The Mountain was good.

Arya killing the Night King was good, but we all knew it would be her because she’s the scariest character in the show.

Ghost didn’t get a single “good boy!” and he is a very good boy!

John telling Dany what she wanted to hear and killing her was predictable.

The dragon melting down the iron throne was a given because it was symbolic of all the strife and had to be destroyed to behind with new, better intentions.

Bran being made king was slightly surprising because I forgot he was still alive.

Sansa got exactly what she wanted- to go home and be queen.

I might watch the show again in the future, but I’ll skip season 8.

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