I took photos of all of my babies!

Monstera deliciosa. 8″ pot. Growing like crazy! From Hirt’s Gardens in Ohio.

Spider plant. It’s much happier now that I realized it needed more sunlight. But I lost 4 of the 7 small plants before I realized what it needed. From Lowe’s.

Zebra plant from Lowe’s. I love those bright yellow flowers! I just got this one this week. 6″ pot.

My tiny baby Snow Queen pothos. This was a cutting that rooted quickly, but the original leaf died off. This new leaf is so pretty though! Etsy.

Arrowhead vine. The mug is in its huge! It’s easily 3 times the size it was when I got it. Walmart.

Croton and Diffenbachia. Acquired this week. Lowe’s.

Parlor palm #1. These two babies also came from Hirt’s Gardens in Ohio.

Parlor palm #2.

The ones that got me to try houseplants! My two avocado seedlings. The second one is finally developing leaves. I sprouted these last November and they’re so slow growing, but our weather is all wrong for these guys, so…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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