I am so Tired

Which is why it’s moronic that I’m still awake at this hour. But here I am.

Tejóny has been waking up around 2am almost every day lately, and it’s been too cool to just leave the boys out from that time until i get some sleep, so I have been completely exhausted and sleeping really weird hours.

On top of that, my internet has been about 50-50 down and up the last week, which means I’m not getting homework done early in the week like I’ve been trying to. It’s currently down because of massive damages to the cables on my local tower and it’s supposed to be repaired by sunrise. I hope it is.

I’ve got a few things I wanted to share though, so here I am. The kittens are over 8 weeks old now, fully weaned, and they’re unholy terrors. They trashed my craft room, destroyed my fiddle leaf fig and my monstera barely escaped mostly unscathed.

This semester is just over half finished. Somehow i still have an A in spanish 102, and i have a low B in Chem, which i might be able to bring up to an A. I would love to finish this semester with A’s.

I recently ordered 2 super red bristlenose plecos off of eBay, which arrived larger than i thought they would be, but healthy. I’ve winterized my aquariums because the house gets cold in winter, and after a stay in the 10 gallon tank, the baby bristlenoses are with my baby goldies.

I’ve been playing my Xbox One quite a bit. I love that there’s so many digital games you can buy and just download. I know this seems silly at this point in time, but my last system i had was the original Wii, and at the time, i couldn’t figure out how to get it online.

I’ve found a few games that i freaking love. Yoku’s Island Express is super fun! I think I’m about 40% through it at this point. Stardew Valley really surprised me. I was like “Well, it’s not very expensive but i dunno. It just looks okay.” The next thing i know, it’s been 3 days in real time and I’m in the middle of the Winter season, first year. Did not expect to get sucked in like that at all.

I tried a few games from my original Xbox days, like A Bard’s Tale, but ugh. Not fun. There are a couple fighting games that i tried, with mixed results. Mortal Kombat is fun. The Blobs Fight would be fun if i had anyone to play with that would fight back. There’s a game with Narwhals? It’s annoying. The music is awful and then colored are migraine-inducing.

Planning on knocking out some homework tonight and then probably playing Yoku’s Island Express for a bit.

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