I’m Frustrated 

I am so over all the political threads in one of my online groups. I get we all have different views and opinions and whatnot, but we don’t need to bash everyone else.

Like most of the people in that group are super liberal. Okay fine. I’m more okay with that then I am with super conservative views. But apparently the thing today is to attack libertarians because they all want to live in a lawless wild wild west? Most of them would be happy with less taxes, and to have the *option* of things like health care – we all could have it if we wanted it, but not be forced into it. I’m registered libertarian because I had to pick something and I took a quiz on the Internet. Seriously.

All the parties in general suck on some front or other. They all have problems but there’s good in them too. But this whole “my party stands for this and if you don’t, you’re the problem” makes me crazy.

Why can’t we all do a reset, and start fresh with love and respect for our neighbors, patience and tolerance for those different than us, and to do away with hatred and divisions?

I know. It’s a pipe dream and I’m wearing my rose – tinted glasses again. But damn it. Why not? The world could be so wonderful!
I listened to Trump’s speech earlier and he said some pretty things… But how long until he goes back on his word?

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