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I’m Still Here!

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, which is a big part of why I switched from self hosted to this. Why pay for a service I barely use? Anyway, I’m chugging along albeit somewhat slowly on my current crochet blanket, but it’s growing and I only (haha) have either 13 or 16 more rounds to go on it, if I decide to end it on a stripe of three rounds of off white or skip the white outer border altogether.

I figure if I can get one round done every other day I have plenty of time to finish before Christmas, assuming I actually work on it. I had a 30% off all regular price  stuff for Joann’s the other day so I bought ten skeins but happily I think I way overbought and can return quite a bit of it.

This is where I am on it as of now.


I’m pretty sure the additional 20 inches in width it will gain with the next 13 rounds will make it just the right size for its intended.

I haven’t been to the gym in like two weeks and I haven’t practiced my ukulele but once or twice in the last week and I’m slacking terribly on housekeeping.I just feel overwhelmed by everything lately. It just seems like everything is too much.

pipesI want to say last Thursday we had the plumber out to clear out some clogged pipes for us in the kitchen and he noted that we had a leak under the house. Mattie dug it out and found it was pretty nasty so we went to turn the water off at the mainline from the street and the main broke. I called the county and everyone on our street had no water for an hour or so while they fixed it.

We left our water turned off because of the leak, and we ended up going almost 3 days with no water. The plumbers had to use jackhammers to take up some of our cement, and replace about 30 feet of old pipe that was more rust than metal but we’re leak free again and the water’s back on now.

Its kind of horrifying to see what our drinking water has been coming through all this time and even though we filter ours, the dogs are getting it straight out of the tap. Yuck! I’m surprised it was running clear!

Today I’ve got a few errands to run- taking Tom to pick up his Rxs and to the store to get Mattie some more lunches and some housecleaning, and I’d like to get another round done on my blanket if I can. Nothing major but it will keep me busy today.

The weather turned cold fast after Halloween. I’m giggling to myself every night now seeing Mattie (Mr Die Hard Metalhead) curled up asleep under my rainbow blanket. Its adorable!

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