Its Friday Night (And We’re Too Old To Party)

Its Friday night and Mattie stopped by the store to pick up dinner that he decided to cook me. He did some nice steaks in the broiler, baked potatoes, and broccoli. We had butter but nothing else to put on the potatoes, (and I’m the type to slather my baked potato in either sour cream or Greek yogurt) so I did a little butter and nacho cheese since we didn’t really have anything else to put in the tater. I put the cheese on the broccoli too. Dinner was really good, and I managed to stay under my calorie goal for the day as well.

I started tracking with Spark People this week. I previously used My Fitness Pal on my phone but the last few weeks the ads got so bad that the app was unusable. So far I’ve managed to stay under my calorie goals all week but the scale hasn’t budged. Still, it hasn’t gone up so that’s good too. I think the scale isn’t moving because I’m not moving enough, but I’m working on that too.

Today the only mail we got was a flyer advertising a new Planet Fitness that opened only 2 miles away and that membership was only $10 a month. I remembered hearing a friend of Twitter a few weeks ago saying he had just signed up there so I figured why not drive over and check it out. The people there were friendly and helpful and they gave a good tour of the place which was nice and clean and appeared to have really nice equipment throughout. The cost for the basic membership which is all I need is $10 a month, a $1 sign up fee, and the yearly fee of $29.99 which comes up in February. I signed up, went back home for a bit, and later went back for my first workout. I walked a half mile on the treadmill, then did 18 minutes on a recumbent bike for a total of 29 minutes of cardio, then went home. It was a baby workout but its beenĀ months since I’ve done anything and I was feeling it. I’ll go back again tomorrow.

Not a lot else to say today (and I did do double today with my shopping post) so going to call it good here. See you next time!

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