Its Funky Math Time!

If you’ve popped over to the Daily Food & Workout Summary pages in the last 24 hours, you’ll see some math going on. If its not completely self-explanatory, I’ll explain it. It really is pretty simple.

First off, the page starts with a BMR based on my current weight. You can find yours here. That tells you roughly how many calories it would take to maintain your weight just laying in bed all day doing nothing. That’s my base number. Every month I will update the new page with a new number based off of the couple of pounds I’ll have lost.

Each individual date marks what fitness activities I did, as well as how many calories I ate, and how many I burned according to my Polar heart rate monitor. The last value given is the daily deficit. The deficit is found by taking the BMR and subtracting the number of calories I ate, then adding the number of calories I burned through fitness.

At the bottom of the page, there are some totals. The first is the number of calories required to maintain weight based off of my BMR. I can figure that number out right off because its just my BMR times the number of days in the month that I’m tracking.

Total calories consumed and total exercise calories burned are pretty basic and updated at the end of each day. The calorie deficit can also be updated daily based on the daily calculations. At the end of the month I can double check it by taking the multiplied BMR, subtracting total calories consumed, and adding total calories burned.

Roughly 3500 calories is one pound, so it’ll be curious too to see how my weight loss numbers match up with the deficits.

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