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Kinda Disappointed

Mattie and I had planned to go to Bark at the Park today but we had to take his dad shopping too, and since I’m still not feeling 100%, I didn’t want to do both in one day. I suggested we go to the Bark tomorrow but he said no, so no Bark at all this year. That made me sad and a little upset because I was really looking forward to going.

We took his dad shopping and we went out to dinner (I had a Cajun chicken pasta that the menu proclaimed was “hot” but it was barely spicy), and afterwards did some shopping of our own. We came home with drinkable stuff, too much wine, some meat that was priced too low to pass up, and some household stuff. I bought two tins of sardines which I love, but Mattie finds disgusting. :p I made us dessert (orange cranberry bread and blueberry bread) and we watched some comedies. The new Muppets show is pretty good- they did a nice job of modernizing it, andĀ Gabriel IglesiasĀ is always a good laugh.

I practiced my ukulele some after that, trying out some new strumming methods, and I think I found one I like better then what I was doing before. I made an audio recording to share with you, but I warn you its pretty bad. I’ve been playing for three weeks, and at the time of the recording, I’d been using this strumming method for all of five minutes so I was really struggling with bringing it all together. The file format is .3gpp, and is under 2 megabytes, which is playable in Windows Media Player, amongst other things.

Click here to download from DropBox.

Like I said, its awful, but I feel like recording myself periodically will help me to get better because I can hear what I’m doing right and wrong better. I’m really eager to get better and be able to play actual music instead of these vague little tunes of sadness. hehe

It looks like we’re spending the rest of our evening watching TV so nothing too exciting there. Maybe if he puts on something boring I’ll practice my ukulele a bit more tonight. Monday I want to call about seeing about taking a lesson.

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