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Kodi and My Media Library

The other day, I opened up Kodi and after about ten seconds, got a black screen. Finally, but not until I had reinstalled it, and wiped out my libraries, i found out it was a known error being triggered by scraping from TVDB. The solution was pretty simple. Turn off that scraper. I finally got everything scanned and then I started looking around at other add-ons.

You guys, I found an optional scraper that will index porn! And I learned how to create a custom collection, so now I have a single entry (Adult Entertainment) that all my dirty movies are under! So tidy! It’s not a lot of porn…. I realize I made it sound like I have tons and I really don’t… Lol.

I also found a way to add a custom shortcut to my theme (I’m living Pellucid so much) that goes straight to my exercise videos! Woohoo!

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