Meeting the Ukulele Club!

This afternoon I met up with the High Desert Ukulele Club for the first time. I was nervous, and my stomach was doing flip flops because I am really bad at meeting new people. I got there at 4pm and found out the first hour or so is typically used for visiting, eating dinner, and just general socializing. The group is pretty much all retirees, and I only saw one other tenor ukulele there, but there were two really cool cigar box ukes made by someone’s uncle.

At 5:30, the meeting started, with announcements, and then solos for people who wanted to play them. Someone (Birdie) suggested the group have a theme song and she played and sang it for us. Everyone agreed that was a good idea.

I learned that there is a mailing list where they send out the month’s music choices ahead of time (I signed up for it) and the group plays through the list of songs together. A few of the songs no one knew well enough to play so they got booted back to the next meeting. I only know like 3 chords, so I just played the ones I knew and faked the rest. I’ll be working on learning a few new chords before I go back in two weeks.

The group was really nice though, super friendly, and it couldn’t have been any better. Really fun!


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