The Fall semester begins on Monday. I still haven’t picked up my parking permit and I think I need to pop into the disabled student services and meet with a counselor. I emailed DSS to see if I do need to come in and if they can squeeze me in before classes Monday or Wednesday.

I’m going to be in class for 7 long hours on Monday. Wednesday will be easier at only 4 hours.

My online class will be accessible beginning on Sunday, and we need to post an introduction to the site as a way of checking in. Hopefully the first assignment will be listed too so I can get started on it.

Saturday I have Spanish at oh God thirty in the morning. That’s going to be tough because I’m not a morning person at all. I’m hoping that in Spring 2020 I can take the next Spanish class at CoC but I’m honestly not sure. It just depends on scheduling.

My goals for this semester is to pass everything with all B’s or better. I don’t see History, or Spanish giving me any difficulty and I think I can get through the math with a B if I really try and use Khan Academy to back me up. The only class I’m really worried about is Human Anatomy and Physiology I and I have to get at least a C in it.

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