My Midlife Non-Crisis

In the last year, I’ve significantly altered my appearance. A couple new tattoos, and quite a few piercings, most of which are visible to the public eye.

I did a year of therapy, I found value in myself for probably the first time ever, and I started working on making my life better for me.

On Wednesday, I met with a paralegal to file a petition to have my misdemeanor expunged from my record because I want to try to get a job in aerospace. I have to wait 12 weeks to find out if the judge approved it.

Right now my life is all about finding the things that make me happy, and finally trying the things I’ve always wanted to do.

I spent the last couple days reading and asking questions, and early next year I hope to get my motorcycle license.

I plan on taking the safety course put on by the CHP and getting my license that way. It’ll give me a crash course in how to ride, ride safely, and will hopefully give me enough of an idea whether I want a bike or a scooter.

Right now I’m leaning more towards a bike, but with either one I think I want something in the 300 to 450 cc displacement range.

Of course this all ties in with paying off debt. At the end of this year, I should be able to pay off my Affirm account and close it.

That will free up $150 a month, and I plan to channel about half of that into extra payments on my smaller credit card balance. The smaller credit card should be about paid off by next December. At that point I should be able to refinance my loan with my bank to include my last remaining card, and hopefully be able to take the money I saved and put a solid down payment on a used bike or scooter and finance the rest.

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