Lazy Day


Our dogs in this photo pretty much personify how my day has gone so far. I took some photos of them, I vacuumed (they are shedding so much hair right now I feel like the house is actually growing its own hair too), I read a lot of random blog posts and commented on most of them, and I thought a lot about working on my current crochet project. I also thought about starting a cross stitch project which I want to do for Mattie’s nerd cave, and I got tired of Sashi begging all day long for treats, snacks, and handouts. We never hand feed our dogs anything but all day today she has begged as if its a regular occurrence. Nope. Not happening dog. That’s her hopeful “please give me all the things” face, BTW.


I did practice my ukulele some this afternoon though and will hopefully practice it again this evening before bed. Tomorrow I will check my finances again and see about calling a local music store to get in for a lesson this week if I can. I’m trying a different strumming method than I had been using and while it’s a bit slow to sink in (I’ve been using the other method for 3 whole weeks- an eternity! LOL), I think I’m getting it and it does sound fuller and louder. I also feel like I’m hitting all the strings better as well.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking Mattie’s dad around for a few errands in the afternoon, and then we’ve got pool in the evening. The season is almost over and pretty soon we’ll be getting our payouts for our wins. I don’t have as many wins as I had hoped to have this season but I’ll take what I’ve got!

We finally caught the mouse that was in the bedroom, though I’m not quite sure when. It was starting to get a little stinky when we remembered to check the mousetrap today and of course Sashi is obsessed with the idea of getting into the trashcan to get the nasty old thing. I swear the worse something smells the more that dog wants it. Yuck! I reset the trap in case he had a friend hanging around but I really think there was just the one.

I’m also feeling almost back to normal. I haven’t sneezed in two days and while I’m still blowing my nose, its been like once every few hours and not once every fifteen minutes. Tonight I’m hoping to finish my current book and maybe start another one before I knock out for the night, but don’t want to be up too late as tomorrow will be a busy day.

Kinda Disappointed

Mattie and I had planned to go to Bark at the Park today but we had to take his dad shopping too, and since I’m still not feeling 100%, I didn’t want to do both in one day. I suggested we go to the Bark tomorrow but he said no, so no Bark at all this year. That made me sad and a little upset because I was really looking forward to going.

We took his dad shopping and we went out to dinner (I had a Cajun chicken pasta that the menu proclaimed was “hot” but it was barely spicy), and afterwards did some shopping of our own. We came home with drinkable stuff, too much wine, some meat that was priced too low to pass up, and some household stuff. I bought two tins of sardines which I love, but Mattie finds disgusting. :p I made us dessert (orange cranberry bread and blueberry bread) and we watched some comedies. The new Muppets show is pretty good- they did a nice job of modernizing it, and Gabriel Iglesias is always a good laugh.

I practiced my ukulele some after that, trying out some new strumming methods, and I think I found one I like better then what I was doing before. I made an audio recording to share with you, but I warn you its pretty bad. I’ve been playing for three weeks, and at the time of the recording, I’d been using this strumming method for all of five minutes so I was really struggling with bringing it all together. The file format is .3gpp, and is under 2 megabytes, which is playable in Windows Media Player, amongst other things.

Click here to download from DropBox.

Like I said, its awful, but I feel like recording myself periodically will help me to get better because I can hear what I’m doing right and wrong better. I’m really eager to get better and be able to play actual music instead of these vague little tunes of sadness. hehe

It looks like we’re spending the rest of our evening watching TV so nothing too exciting there. Maybe if he puts on something boring I’ll practice my ukulele a bit more tonight. Monday I want to call about seeing about taking a lesson.

Feeling So Much Better

I woke up today feeling so much better than yesterday. Yesterday I honestly felt like roadkill. I did make myself go back to the book sale yesterday though and found 5 more books I wanted- 2 crafting books, 2 cook books, and one art book called Gnomes that I bought for my friend Tracy who later I learned was actually looking for that book. That made me happy because I know she’ll be happy to have it. My 2 crafting books were both crochet patterns, which I seem to be collecting a lot of.

My cold is hopefully on the way out because I don’t think I can stand to be sick like this much longer!

I took the magazine we got by mistake several days ago to the house where it should have gone (our mail lady sucks and gives us everyone else’s mail all the time) with a note of apology attached about its delay in getting to her.

Mattie surprised me when he got home by taking me out to dinner at a little hole in the wall Mexican place and we both ate too much. Afterwards we came home to watch some TV, to catch up on a few of our shows.

DSCF1193Tomorrow is Saturday and is the start of Bark at the Park. We look forward to taking the girls to this every year because its a lot of fun. I donated a few doggie items to their raffle this year. I like to think the dogs have a good time too but who knows. I think Sashi finds it a bit overwhelming but exciting to be honest and Lucy is old and tired and doesn’t care about anything. But we take them every year and encourage them to play the doggie-friendly games and they always come home with new treats and toys, which they do really enjoy.

I ordered my Halloween costume today too after some deliberation and finally went with what I did because it was on clearance and I honestly don’t have a Halloween budget this year. It was a toss-up between a few things but the *_______* costume finally won out. I think it will be a little tight in the chest but I’m not too worried about it and it will be here in plenty of time to make sure it fits before Halloween.

I still need to practice my ukulele (it’s been days!) and to take the trash out and a few other little chores tonight. I’m hoping for another early night because I really could use the sleep since I am still sick.

Getting Things Done & Oh! Look At That!

I started off today by going to the bank to have some paperwork faxed in for the debt consolidation loan I wanted to get. After that, I went grocery shopping, and then went to the library to check out the Friends of the Library sale and see if I could find any good craft books. I ended up finding 5 books that I paid a total of $2 for, so that made me pretty happy. Two of the books are more booklet than book, but they’re something I wanted so it works. I ended up with three crochet books, one with hundreds of cross stitch motifs, and a macrame book. The macrame book has some images of ancient examples of the knotty craft as well as some really cool stuff I’d actually like to make.


After that I went to the Grace Thrift store and found this beauty. I wish I could have taken her home with me!

I saw this really unfortunate scarf someone knitted or crocheted using both pompom yarn and faux fur yarn. Eek!


I didn’t see anything else I liked there so I went to the American Way thrift store next. I saw this microwave popcorn popper, which was just a big glass jar.


I also found at the thrift store a pair of acid yellow high heels. The shoes are less sunshine and more neon in person. I have no idea where I will ever wear them to but I could not leave them behind. I looked them up online when I got home and they are $90 shoes I paid $10. They’ve maybe been worn once. The soles are a little dirty but the insides are clean and the stickers are still on the soles.


After that, I got called back to the bank to sign my final paperwork to finish the loan process. They will disperse most of the money directly to the accounts I owe on, so I hardly have to do anything. I told Mattie I took out the loan explaining that a 11.5% interest rate is way better then the 19% and higher I’d be paying otherwise. He seemed to think negatively but I feel confident I did the right thing to save some money long term. Of course I’ll still be trying to pay up extra on the payments when I can, but I’m honestly not sure how often that will be feasible.

Not much else to say tonight. Mattie has pool tonight by himself and I’m going to watch some TV until he gets home. Night all!

Welcome to Deb’s Losing It… I Think.

Welcome to Deb’s Losing It!

Well, its my first post on this hosted site, which is new to me in the sense that I’ve always blogged on a self-hosted WordPress site in the past. However, letting a few domain names go and downgrading my hosting means I can cut my expenses in half almost, and my personal blog was just taking up space that was literally costing my money I don’t really have. The hosted site will do me fine though and meet all of my needs without a doubt and I’ll keep one domain name and a smaller hosting package for my business website.

I’m currently sick with an awful cold, and feel like death, and tomorrow will be a semi busy day. I’ve got to stop by the bank with some documentation to hopefully get final approval on a debt consolidation loan which long term will be cheaper than paying off everything like I have been. I’m also highly attracted to one steady payment throughout, and only making one payment instead of several. I’ve basically got 3 credit cards to pay off, one being a $1500 dental bill that in hindsight I wish I had had them pull the tooth rather than do a root canal.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow and can get all my errands done, as well as do some crafting. You can visit my shop at I’ve got over 200 unique handmade items, plus crafting supplies (some also handmade) available.