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Party Weekend 

Friday night I spent a bit longer than usual on my face, grabbed my favorite tote bag with a few things in it, and drove into town. I was going to a party. A birthday party. But not just a birthday party, a kinky play party too. It was going to be a first for me but I psyched myself up and told myself it would be okay because the hostess, the only person I really knew on any level, assured me it was just friends and no random people.

I pulled up in front of her house and spent a few minutes breathing deeply. You can do this. Just walk in. This is a safe place. It’s okay. When I was ready I grabbed my tote, and walked up to the door. I rant the doorbell and my friend answered.

As people started showing up, I realized I had met a few of them before at the few munches I attended, and those I didn’t know were really nice. I had changed into a crochet dress/cover-up with nothing under it which got a lot of compliments and honestly even though all of me was on display, I was very comfortable wearing it. My mom definitely instilled a sense of body positivity in me – she was always wandering around naked in the evenings so to me nakedness is no big deal.

The birthday boy was turning 20. I hadn’t met him before but he seemed nice. He asked if anyone wanted a flogging. My hand shot up because this is on my to-do list. Someing I’ve wanted to experience. We discussed what was okay and what wasn’t (I basically said I was open to whatever because I hate setting limits on things I don’t really know about) and we got started. He began very gently and worked up to harder strikes. And my friends! It was delightful! I loved it! Afterwards he rubbed me down with lotion, and after asking if it was okay, brought me to orgasm via g-spot. Such a nice experience. Then I spent close to an hour talking to a beautiful trans woman who told me about her transition and just general conversation. She had brought a Sibian machine, which another woman rode and I kind of wish I had too.

There was a hot tub and I spent quite a bit of time in there chatting with the guy who took some of the extra furniture we had around here. Almost everyone was feeling the effects of the edibles someone brought, except me. I’ve yet to get high and I had no desire to at that point.

After that I spent some time in the living room chatting with a Dom and at one point he asked if he could spank me. I was on my knees and bent over the couch with my dress pulled up to my waist in about ten seconds. He struck me 12 times and harder than anyone else has done. I loved it. We spent some more time talking and not long after the evening was done.

I had a really good time, made some new friends, and would definitely attend again. I went home, found and friend requested most of the people I met on Fet and went to sleep.

Saturday my friend’s parents were throwing a party. I’m not sure what happened, but literally no one was there in my age bracket except 3 role, 2 of which didn’t stay long. The 3rd…we had a falling out a while back and I had him blocked on most social media but he apologized and it was us and a bunch of people who could be our parents.

Much rum and coke was drunk by me, and I was fairly drunk. After I sobered up, I left taking the other person my age home with me. There was some kissing and some oral stuff, but that was it – we cuddled the rest of the night and I drove him home in the morning since I needed to go grocery shopping anyway.

He told me he met Mattie’s new girlfriend and she’s dumb ass a box of rocks but doesn’t know anything else about her. I was a little disappointed in the lack of gossip… Lol.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time texting the Dom and discussing limits and things we both like and don’t like and I think we’re mostly on the same page. Hopefully soon we can arrange to have a play date and see how it goes. I’m excited to explore this more.

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