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Post-Surgery Update

My last post was a few days ago, telling you about my tubal ligation experience. As of today (4 days after) I have virtually no pain but I do feel some tightness in my lower abdomen here and there. The vaginal bleeding stopped after the second day, and aside from getting tired really easily, I feel pretty damned good.

I never did fill my painkiller Rxs and i think I took a total of 1200mg of ibuprofen the day of surgery in two doses, 1000mg the second day in 3 doses, and 200mg the third day before we went out to a party.

My care sheet basically says “resume normal activity” and then has a whole section with things like “no driving” “no exercise” “no lifting”…. so I’m really not sure what normal daily activities I’m actually allowed to do. I’m just trying to do what I can, without causing myself pain or strain, and trying not to complete exhaust myself in the process.

Tomorrow I am taking Mattie’s dad to a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, so hopefully that won’t wear me out too badly as we have pool later that night.

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