Sanchez Bless! May Claudio’s Gifts Rain Upon You!

In LSG, Claudio Sanchez is a bit of a famous person. There’s a long history (Okay, 7 years or so) but it boils down to every year, we bless each other with random, weird gifts in Claudio’s name. This year was I think my fourth year playing and it did not disappoint!

My box was supposed to come to me yesterday, but Carlos (the meddling brother or cousin or something) convinced my mail carrier to just leave a note to pick it up at the package depot. My mom went by today after work, and picked up a huge box! There were warnings on the outside about it not containing bobcats or bees, and there was an indication of one incidence of the Holy Ratio (2/3rds) to be found inside.

I opened the box and started taking pics of the more interesting items as I went.

My mom modeling the most excellent Spring flower headband. She’s actually smiling a real smile and I love this photo of her so much!
A rather gross little stress toy horse who seems to suffer a rectal prolapse when you squeeze him. Did I mention my car almost got peed on by a horse today?
This really terrible bracelet, a rather nice leather cuff, and some amazingly soft and beautiful Mohair and wool yarn. I’ve never really liked yarns with a halo, but this one might be the one to change my mind. Its pretty fantastic.
This really lovely Alaska tote bag. Its really sturdy and beautifully printed. I’ll be seriously considering keeping this for myself.
Serta Sleep Sheep, which my mom recognized immediately, A tiny 4cm square picture frame, and a pocket reference on reptiles and amphibians. I flipped a few pages into it and it tells you in short sentences how to tell say a turtle from a lizard… lol.
A lovely blue knitted hat that fits my big noggin, a pad of paper warning of X-rated contents (there was a naked man playing card inside), some fabric bits, and underneath the fabric, a pair of purse handles.
A framed photo of Claudio himself, as well as a coloring book page version of our patron!
And last but not least (of what I photographed) there was a partial package of dog cookies in the Holy Ratio that I didn’t realize were for the doggos at first. But the doggos were super happy to enjoy them once I realized they were for them.

There were a ton of other items in the box- you can fit a ton of stuff into a well-packed Priority Flat Rate large box and my upstream did not disappoint. This was an amazing box and an absolutely joy to open!

Other notable items were a Day of the Dead pencil with a sugar skull eraser, a fabulous tacky Hawaiian shirt for a dog, which unfortunately will not fit any of my doggos, and a lot of random things used for cleaning and whatnot.


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