• A Fucking Rockstar. Yup. That’s Me.

    All my final grades for the Fall 2019 semester have been posted and I did better than I thought I would across the board.

    A&P I – C

    Women in US History – A

    Beginning Algebra – A

    Elementary Spanish I – B

    I’ve added a page to the menu where you can follow my classes and my progress towards my degree. Obviously it won’t get updated often, but you can see my grades as they are finalized.

    In Winter I’m taking two of my general education requirements, and in spring I will be taking more math, A&P II, and the next Spanish class.

  • School Stuff

    Well… Grades are posted for my half term class and I got the A I figured I was going to get. Considering I had one of the highest points scored in the class and there was a curve, I would have been shocked to see anything else.

    We’re past the middle of the semester and I honestly have no idea how I’m doing in Spanish. The instructor still hasn’t graded anything except a few assignments from the beginning of September.

    Math I’m doing well in but the stuff we’ve been doing the last couple weeks has been being difficult for me. There’s an exam and I am dreading it, but some points are better than none, right?

    Anatomy. Ugh. It’s not good. I’m really, really struggling and it shows. That said, I’m really upping my study game and hoping to pull out of this slump with this next exam that’s in two weeks. We’re currently studying the muscles and nerves, and there’s just so much to know.

  • Freaking Out Over Nothing

    I did this week’s quiz in my history class and was absolutely sure I had a perfect score, but after I clicked submit, it came back as 35/40. Ugh.

    Between entering my last answer and hitting submit, one answer got changed from the correct name to just three letter “k”. Grrr.

    I freaked out because it means my grade would slip down to a high B and I immediately emailed the instructor about what happened.

    Then I started reading the messages she’s sent out over the last few days and I realize she grades on a curve and I still have a solid A.

    I was panicking for no reason at all.

    I have an A on the VHL portion of Spanish but a B on the Canvas part. I’m not sure how she’s going to average them together but either way, my grade is good there.

    I have an almost perfect score in Math, and I think I have a C in Anatomy but that should come up after the next two exams.

    Right now I should be sleeping because I need to be up at 8am but I’m wide awake… Gonna be another night with not enough sleep but tomorrow is going to be fun either way!

  • Everything Is Crazy

    I’m in the second week of the Fall semester and I feel like I’m drowning. I know in a week or two, things will feel more stable, but right now I keep thinking I bit off more than I can chew.

    My math class, which I was terrified I was going to flunk out of in the first week, is the only class I’m not worried about. My instructor is amazing and I realized all the review I did with the Khan Academy app really put me ahead. We’ve had one quiz in the class and I got a 100%. I’m extremely confident that I will be equally successful at least 3/4ths of the way through the class, and I feel like the instructor can actually walk me through anything new.

    Women in US History isn’t hard, but I did just totally fuck up an assignment. The class is 100% online, which of course has its own challenges, but after doing a factory reset on my phone, my phone was showing the wrong date, and I thought I had less then 15 minutes to get an assignment in. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever turned in, but it’s clearly not the best either. This class only rubs half the normal term so in about 6 weeks it’ll be over.

    The reason I did a factory reset on my phone is because I was trying to do my Spanish assignments and the microphone on my phone would not work at all. I confirmed it was working for phone calls, but no apps. A reset has fixed it though so I can continue with my Spanish assignments.

    I actually started out enrolled in a Spanish class that meets on Saturdays but quickly switched to three online class because the Saturday instructor was awful. Abrasive, sexist, and after talking almost entirely off topic for more than 4 of the 5 hours of class time I knew it wasn’t going to work out for me.

    Human Anatomy and Physiology I. We have a lab practical on next Wednesday and then the following Monday, an exam in the lecture hall. I’m freaking out that I’m going to bomb the crap out of them both, but hoping that I’ll do okay. The lab practical involves looking at a lot of slides and identifying the type of cells we’re looking at, where in the body they’re found, and what they do. I’m going to be spending my long weekend studying histology until I dream about it.

    Only Math and Anatomy meet on campus and it’s only on Mondays and Wednesdays but the hour long drive each way is exhausting. There’s not enough coffee in the world to make up for it.

  • And It’s Begun!

    Monday was the first day of the Fall semester.

    My history class was opened on Sunday, and I’ve already got the first assignment turned in. I’m supposed to comment on two other student’s submissions, but so far no one else has turned anything in and it’s due tomorrow. There’s points for commenting, so hopefully someone puts something up soon. I also emailed the instructor my disability accommodations but she hasn’t replied. The class is basically going to be “American feminism” so it should be kinda fun.

    Monday I went to campus early to pick up my accommodation printouts for my instructors, and ordered my parking permit. That took a little while, and then I went to my first class.

    Math is likely going to be an easy A. I was so worried about it but I think my instructor is actually a math fairy and the class is going to be great. I might bring something to crochet during the first few weeks.

    After that was Anatomy lecture, which was mostly deciding who was getting an add and who was getting dropped. One of the girls from my group in BIOSCI100 was supposed to be in the class but she got dropped.

    Lab followed that and we spent a couple hours looking at slides. It was pretty cool, and then to make it cooler, we got to meet the cadavers and dig around in one of them a bit. We have 3 cadavers!

    I have a ton of studying to do for Anatomy but none in math. And on Saturday I have the first meeting for my Spanish class. I’m pretty excited about that.

  • Monday

    The Fall semester begins on Monday. I still haven’t picked up my parking permit and I think I need to pop into the disabled student services and meet with a counselor. I emailed DSS to see if I do need to come in and if they can squeeze me in before classes Monday or Wednesday.

    I’m going to be in class for 7 long hours on Monday. Wednesday will be easier at only 4 hours.

    My online class will be accessible beginning on Sunday, and we need to post an introduction to the site as a way of checking in. Hopefully the first assignment will be listed too so I can get started on it.

    Saturday I have Spanish at oh God thirty in the morning. That’s going to be tough because I’m not a morning person at all. I’m hoping that in Spring 2020 I can take the next Spanish class at CoC but I’m honestly not sure. It just depends on scheduling.

    My goals for this semester is to pass everything with all B’s or better. I don’t see History, or Spanish giving me any difficulty and I think I can get through the math with a B if I really try and use Khan Academy to back me up. The only class I’m really worried about is Human Anatomy and Physiology I and I have to get at least a C in it.

  • So Damn Close

    First off, this is a thing that’s close. Close to being paid off.

    This is my smallest bit of debt and it’s going to be paid off in 7 months. That’s late this winter. I’m super excited about this because once it’s paid off, that’s $80 a month more I am put towards things I need, and what’s leftover can go towards an extra bit on my next smallest debt.

    This is the next smallest bit.

    It should take me about a year to pay that off after the first balance is cleared if I throw an extra $30 a month at it.

    My remaining debts are larger but in a year and a half they’ll have shrink quite a bit and I can start making better progress on them.

    In a way it’s going to be kind of a mixed blessing with how busy I’ll be with school over the next couple years. I’m going to be tired, busy, and probably won’t be doing much extracurricular shopping. I only have room for so many houseplants! Lol

    The other thing I wanted to talk about being close to is the new semester. It starts on the 19th and I’m kind of freaking out. I have a super heavy course load and while I think I set myself up as well as I could for success, it’s still going to be a lot to learn in a fairly short time.

    The history class in taking only runs half the term, and I’m hoping I already know a lot of the Spanish that will be taught first semester.

    But the biology and math are going to be very challenging.

    One day at a time though. Baby steps.

  • Murphy’s Law

    I had plans today to actually get stuff done, including a few errands for my mom. But I also had plans to meet someone from Ravelry for lunch.

    I should have known today was going to be rough when none of my alarms went off.

    But I headed over to Rosamond to meet my new friend and we actually had a really nice meal and great conversation. The diner was super conservative but the food was great. And I finally got to try sweet potato fries! Omg so good!

    After about 2 hours, we went out separate ways so I could get the rest of my stuff done. I headed over to AVC to get my Spanish text and things immediately started going wonky.

    I was parked in 5 minute parking and the bookstore told me they couldn’t take a DoR check without both my state ID and a valid student ID. I didn’t have a student ID. I also didn’t have a dollar for parking so I had to move my car to visitor parking and walk way too far in the 105° heat to get an ID made.

    Walked back to the bookstore and now they can’t take the check because my address on the check doesn’t match the address on my DL. Finally they decide to accept it. I get my book and leave.

    My next stop is Lowe’s for planters and potting soil for my roses. I find what I need right away and go to check out…. And my card is declined. I check my balance. I have way more money in there than my attempted purchase. I try the card as debit and credit and finally step out of line to call the bank.

    The bank tells me it was declined for a wrong PIN… And that my PIN was never set on the card. Except it was and I’m nearly positive I used it successfully with that PIN at least once. We reset the PIN. I’m able to make my purchase.

    Next stop is WinCo. I grab the items my mom needed plus a few other things. Checkout with no issues. Okay. Maybe my day is turning back around.

    Gas station. I go in and put $30 on the pump. Pick up the handle, and gasoline from the last person who pumped pours all set my feet. I may have yelled “Motherfucker!” and people may have stared at me. Filled my tank. Went to McDonald’s for an iced coffee and went home.

    I was able to repot my rose bushes and water them, but I forgot to drill some drainage holes in the pots so I’ll have to do that tomorrow. They’re looking really good though. Lots of new green leaves and some blooms!

    Tomorrow I need to drive to CoC to pick up my other textbooks. Hopefully it goes a lot smoother than today did.