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    Little Things

    I finished my exam, which didn’t take long. I’ll be driving in to turn it in this evening. I know I’m getting a good grade but I’m still curious about my other grades in the class and whether or not…

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    Conversations with Liz

    Liz: I just pick him up sometimes for on the go giggles and then drop him off on the tree or something lol. He’s not super into snuggles unless he’s on his blanket, but is very tolerant of being held…

  • Photo Dump


    This is me when it comes to most babies. Give me the kitty instead!  

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    Happy New Year (& Merry Christmas Too!)

    I haven’t posted since around Thanksgiving. The holidays went by in a bit of a blur, but they were overall pretty good. Thanksgiving me did twice (once here with Mattie’s dad and brother, and once with my mom and her…