Last night I was on CoC’s website and I discovered a section that automatically shows you what classes you need to complete for your declared major.

I discovered that 1) they have my major wrong in the system, and 2) I might need 6 more classes than I previously thought / had planned.

Today I’m waiting for counseling to get back to me to find out for sure.

I also applied with the Disabled Student Services at AVC so hopefully I can knock out a few classes there too and Dave myself the long as drive on a few days.

Fucking Why?

I was reviewing financial aid on AVC’s website and it said I had an award of $644 per semester for 4 years. I was super excited and was planning to use part of it to take some Spanish classes.

But after looking into it more, there’s a host of reasons I won’t be receiving it that I can’t do anything about unless I lie my ass off about my intentions for my education.

It’s so fucking frustrating that education is so damned expensive in the United States. We can all benefit so much from it but most of us can’t get it.

Then I discovered that AVC offers payment plans for class fees… But they require a $25 fee plus interest, which brings my $250 class up to about $300 not counting books. That’s not an option either.

I checked with the adult school and they offer ESL but not Spanish courses.

The last thing I can think of is to look for private lessons, and see what’s affordable relative to a semi-regular meet-up…

And can I add onto this to make my financial situation a little uglier? My laptop died and I needed to replace it. I didn’t order what I really wanted, but I ordered what would do what I need it to at a minimum of expense.

The good thing about a new laptop, is I’ll hopefully have a good little machine that I can design all sorts of great new patterns on, and maybe I’ll go back to doing some minor graphic design.

I’ve noticed when I add a new item to my etsy shop, I usually get a few small sales over the next week. Maybe adding a new item once a week is the way to go?