• Cinnamon Roll Ugly Bread

    So at around midnight tonight, i decided to bake some bread. But I also wanted to make cinnamon rolls… But I didn’t want to clean off the table too actually have room to make rolls.

    I read a couple recipes. Then I got started throwing my Frankenloaf together.

    This was the first recipe I looked at. And this was the second. The ingredients were really similar between them. I used the called for amount of yeast, mixed into warm milk. Then i added the other ingredients- melted butter, salt, flour, the rest of the milk. I added about a full cup of sugar and a couple tablespoons of cinnamon. I mixed it up, then turned the oven on warm with the dough in the stove to rise.

    The rise wasn’t great. The yeast might be old. But i figured the dough into two pie tins because that’s what I found first, and then, following the cinnamon roll recipe’s advice, I poured some Italian Sweet Cream Coffeemate over the dough. Even to make a puddle around it.

    Then I popped the tins into the oven at 375° for 25 minutes.

    This is what came out of my oven.

    It’s ugly. Two lightly browned lumps of bread in a sweet, sticky bath of coffee creamer. But oh my God! It’s so so good! Tear off a chunk and dip it in the creamer and it’s like a soft, chewy, sticky, sweet piece of heaven on your tongue.

    Next time I make it, I’ll make it prettier… Lol.

  • Still Cleaning

    I’m still finding tons of stuff to clean up around the house. I’m finally almost done throwing away my old dresser that fell apart once piece at a time each week into the trash barrel – there’s just one side and the paperboard back left – and then I can start breaking down the tons of cardboard boxes I keep unearthing and throwing them away. I wish I could just throw them all out at once, but we only get one trash barrel so it’s not possible.

    I keep finding technology-related stuff too. External DVD drives, multiple hard drives too small to be of much use in the current world (I’ve found like 6 of them), a hard drive enclosure that needs a power cord… And there’s a printer new in box that I think mom bought when she had Windows 8 that was incompatible with the computer then. I need to find cables for the hard drive enclosure and see if it and the drive currently inside it works, and if not, drop it off at the elections recycling place. The same goes for the external DVD drives – I will likely test those on my mom’s computer tonight.

    Today my mom brought up if I wanted half ownership of the house and property when she dies. I said yes. I don’t want to stay here unless I built a place in the back, and honestly I would still rather sell my half and find a spot of land somewhere a bit closer to town… But either way, hopefully that’s not for a long time. A really, really long time.

    For Thanksgiving, I did the shopping today, and picked up a 14-pound turkey for $9. I also bought stuff to make a blackberry cheesecake Wednesday night, and I’ll make the rolls from scratch the day of. Mom still wants to get a ham, but its just going to be me and her, and we don’t need all the food… Lol. Or maybe we do. I dunno.

  • Gah! This Week!

    This morning I was up super early (it was still dark out- blergh!) and had to take FIL to two Dr’s appointments. That was easy enough though I really wanted to stay home and snuggle with Sashi, and then he asked that we drive over to Palmdale for Tommy’s… Home of the Cat Food Pate’ Chili everything. I ordered my burger “no chili,” thanks. He gave me a few bucks for gas and I dropped him off and went home.

    Dinner tonight was a big pot of chili. My second time making edible chili, and I made a few changes to the recipe. I added a shredded bell pepper and a bunch of Tapatio. It was better, but I think next time I will add some fresh chopped tomatoes, more cumin, and maybe some different kinds of beans to mix it up a bit more. It was good though, better than last time, and we’ll be eating the leftovers tomorrow over Fritos.

    I was supposed to have a violin lesson today too but she cancelled last minute and rescheduled for Friday. My bass lesson is Friday too, so apparently it will be a day for music. Last night I went to uke club and took my concert uke, which I played some but mostly I just sang. It was just what I wanted to do. 🙂

    Very little knitting got done today.

  • Woohoo! I Have My Own TLD!

    Well, if you’re here, you’ve probably followed me over from my WordPress.com hosted site and now you’re here. And as of about fifteen minutes ago, I have a shiny new top level domain name for this blog. Its not a fancy one, but for $0.99 I’m pretty happy with it. Seriously, no reason to spend $15 a year to indulge my ego, ya know?

    Tonight the super nice lady I met in Winco came by to pick up her pussy hat, and asked if we might try to be friends. She introduced me to her husband and said most of the people they’ve met here were religious types and that wasn’t working for them. I’m not sure if it was the pussy hat or the stuff amigurumi penises on my shop website that clued her in that I’m definitely not into the big G or super conservative. But either way, maybe we will click and we will all win with new friends. 🙂 I’m hopeful.

    I’ve been trying to add new things to my shop but its kind of hit or miss. Mostly its just new items I’ve just made going up, and not the scads of things I made before and never put up. Maybe I will get a handful of them photographed and listed tomorrow.

    I still have no idea what’s going on with my disability appeal. And of course the website doesn’t offer me any help in finding out either. Waiting… it sucks.

    My Instant Pot is still awesome and makes all the things. I did a beef roast tonight with gravy and a green salad, and tomorrow I’m sure I will use it again- I’ve used it almost every night since it arrived! Love it!

    Lucy is continuing her downhill trudge and has been crapping in the house, mostly on the couch, and almost every day. I know she’s old and doesn’t have control any more but ugh. I’m tired of picking up poop all the time. Sashi on the other hand… she’s her normal, boisterous, and outgoingly happy self.

  • Mac n Cheese

    Mac n cheese in my Instant Pot! Yum!


  • Instant Pot

    Sashi approves of the new Instant Pot.


  • A Typical Month of Groceries

    A friend asked me what kind of shopping I do in a typical month and how I can easily feed the two of us on $300 a month. I keep saying its super easy but apparently seeing my receipts is a must for getting it through their head. So, here’s a typical month’s shopping. I typically make 2 big shopping trips at the start of the month and then two weeks later as we don’t have much storage space, and one small one at the end of the month for about $35 worth of things. This list totals up to just under $300 at $298.81. As you can see, we get a lot of good stuff and if I wanted I could get more for less if I cut out the convenience foods like Mattie’s lunches and most of the frozen foods. I generally have about $10 wiggle room in my spending.

    Frozen Foods $63.62

    • 22 Marie Calender’s Dinners (Mattie’s work lunches) $43.34
    • 2 Cornish Game Hens $6.62
    • Mama Rosa’s Pizzas (8 pack) $4.98
    • 2 packages Tater Tots $2.68
    • 1 package of 2 Hot Pockets $2.00
    • 1 half gallon Ice Cream $4.00

    Dairy & Ova $44.02

    • Cottage Cheese $1.84
    • 10 Dozen Eggs $22.80
    • 1 lb butter $3.75
    • Block cheese $4.73
    • Sliced Cheese $2.47
    • Sour Cream $1.35
    • 10 Individual Yogurts $4.10
    • Coffee Creamer $2.98

    Dry Goods $15.11

    • 3 Deluxe Mac n Cheese $4.29
    • 6 Blocks Ramen Noodles  $1.08
    • 2 pounds dry pasta $1.76
    • 1 loaf wheat bread $0.98
    • 20 pack of Tortillas $3.00
    • 3 pounds white rice $4.00

    Meat $72.00

    • 5 12 oz Packages of Bacon $13.90
    • 3 Ham Steaks $ 10.50
    • 4 Cans Tuna $2.72
    • Lunch meat $10.00
    • 6 cans sardines $4.68
    • 3 polish sausages $8.94
    • 2 48 oz bags Chicken Breasts $12.00
    • 2 packages of 5 bratwursts $7.76
    • 1 package Hot Dogs $1.50

    Sauces & Condiments $20.01

    • 2 Jars Spaghetti Sauce $3.14
    • 3 Food Seasoning Packets $1.32
    • Peppercorns $0.80
    • 2 Jars Alfredo Sauce $3.25
    • 1 Bottle Ketchup $2.25
    • 2 bottles Salad Dressing $3.25
    • 1 Jar Mayonnaise $3.00
    • Garlic Powder $2.00
    • 1 Bottle BBQ Sauce $1.00

    Canned Goods $40.38

    • 2 cans Stagg Chili $3.48
    • 8 cans Campbell’s Chunky soup $12.64
    • 1 can nacho cheese $1.58
    • 6 packages of 4 Fruit Cups $15.48
    • 10 Cans Veggies $7.20

    Fresh Fruits and Vegetables $33.78

    • 2 heads lettuce $2.56
    • 2 bunches green onions $0.78
    • 3 yams $2.82
    • 2 zucchini $0.81
    • 1 pineapple $2.98
    • 2 cantaloupe $3.50
    • 1 spaghetti squash $4.10
    • 2 cucumbers $1.36
    • 1 bell pepper $0.89
    • 10 apples $5.00
    • 1 package fresh mushrooms $2.00
    • 1 head of Broccoli $1.00
    • 1 pound carrots $0.98
    • 1 Red Onion $0.50
    • 1 package 8 Roma Tomatoes $3.00
    • 5 Bananas $1.50

    Drinks $8.89

    • Coffee $4.89
    • 24 bottle of Water $4.00

    We don’t go through the bottle water very quickly because I have a water filtration jug and we refill our bottles from that most of the time, as well as use the filtered water for making coffee or tea. That alone is a big money saver and was absolutely worth the money I spent on the filter jug. Previously I was buying a flat of water almost every week, sometimes two at a time in hot weather.

    I’ve also drastically but back my coffee consumption so one package of coffee is lasting me well over a month as I’m only drinking about two cups a week now.

    Anyway, I know this could be made healthier, or with more ways to save money, but this is just my basic shopping list. Sometimes there is salmon or shrimp in it. Sometimes there are pork chops. I bought a spaghetti squash this time but next time I might buy a green cabbage. But its pretty much the same each month.