• Updates

    So Thursday I met with my Department of Rehab counselor and she gave me some great news. She said they could off-set home of the cost for up to four Spanish classes by buying the textbooks! This is such a boon for me!

    We also worked out the costs for what the DoR will cover for the next semester in terms of fees, books, and parking, so now I just need to check back with the office in a week or so and see what’s going on with my textbooks. Squeeee! I’m so fucking excited though!

    I talked to Nikki a couple nights ago and she commented that it’s great to see me so happy and excited about actual life. Made me laugh, but she’s right. I feel like I have purpose again and it’s thrilling.

    I also received a human anatomy study aid / coloring and activity book in the mail today from a kind near-stranger and it’s way better than I expected. It looks like it’s going to be a really good resource for me.

  • Project Get My Shit Together

    I met with my Department of Rehab counselor today and we spent a little over an hour working up my plan to become a medical lab technician or maybe a medical laboratory scientist. I could be a legit actual scientist!

    Basically, it looks like this :

    • Complete perquisites at CoC
    • Meet program requirements (things like health testing, malpractice insurance)
    • Complete degree
    • Sit for state licensing exam
    • Find employment
    • Continue to support me thru first 3 months of employment

    They’ll be paying for everything, even my transportation fees, which is pretty amazing.

    Tonight I applied for admission at College of the Canyons and also applied for FAFSA.

    In two weeks I’ll be attending orientation for the program, and hopefully I’ll have all my questions in order by them.

    One of those questions is if I take the Phlebotomy elective within the program, does this get me my phlebotomy cert, which is a requirement for admission into the program. If it doesn’t, will I be better off getting my cert thru AV Adult School instead?

    There’s a lot to think about but taking everything one step at a time will ensure everything is done right.

  • Things are Happening!

    Yesterday I met with the nice lady at the Department of Rehabilitation and we got things moving. She put in a referral for me with Foster’s, who will put me through the ringer in a few weeks to help find out just what I would be good at. It’s 5 full days of testing, interviews, questions… To check out every aspect of my work ethic, abilities, stamina, and beyond. I’m excited, but I also terrified because Omg what if I curl up and die midway through the testing?

    But I’m trying not to dwell on that. In a couple weeks, it’ll happen, and it’s going to hopefully go smoothly.

    She also gave me a few leads to follow up on on my own. One is the aerospace program at AVC and I also going to look into what it takes to become a professional piercer.

    After that, I went by my therapist’s office to sign some papers, and I agreed to become a member of the advisory committee for the Department of Mental Health. Eek! If it’s too much for me or I hate it, I can always drop out, and it’s only once a month.