• Crazy Dating Dream

    I had the weirdest dream.

    I was asked out on a date by Chris (no one I know in real life but that was his name) and I said yes. But my mom only allowed me so many points per day to spend how I liked, so I had to decide all the way down to how much kissing if things went well. I got it figured out though and was ready to do this thing. My mom informed me if we wanted to make out it had to be in the light by Tiffany’s car. Who is Tiffany? Why do we have her car?

    Anyway, then I got word this other guy (too much money, spoiled, demanding, no social skills) was going to ask me out. Obviously I was going to say no.

    I was sitting on a public lawn on the Blvd in a spinning rolly chair when he approached. He demanded I come closer. I refused. He demanded someone bring me closer and even offered them $100. They refused.

    Eventually he drags me in my rolly chair onto the street and there’s a slight hill. I give myself a little push and start rolling down the hill. He runs to keep up, trying not to spill his precious glass of brandy.

    He’s angry and getting angrier. I’m laughing. Eventually he catches hold of my chair and demands I go out with him. I laugh in his face and tell him no and why. He gets so angry he vomits all over me. I punch him in the nose and head into the gay bar we’ve ended up in front of to use the bathroom to clean myself up.

    I realize while in the bathroom that I’m having a hard time standing still. I look down and I’m wearing roller skate. There’s a full flight of stairs going down from the corner of the bathroom and I sit down on them to change into regular shoes. I’m a bit cleaner but I’m worried because I can’t go home to change and my date with Chris is in a few hours.

  • My (New) Precious!

    So for a couple of months I’ve been seeing this ad on Craigslist. I could tell from the photo it was at a pawn shop, I just didn’t know which one.


    Its a gorgeous guitar. Like super gorgeous. I kept going back to look at it.

    The night before last I texted the contact number and asked if it was still available and where the shop was located. I got the address and promised to stop by sometime after I finished up with my other plans on Thursday.

    Thursday morning I met Tracy and Jami at Starbucks by Joann’s. The three of us have a love for coffee, crafting, good food, and drinks, and it was Jami’s birthday so we had coffee, chatted a while, then went to Joann’s where we all bought a few items.

    Then we migrated to Michael’s, where we wandered the store for ages, picked out a few things, and headed to Medrano’s to lunch. One of things I picked up at Michael’s was these little beaded rings which will make great knitting stitch markers!


    They were on clearance, and I like the colors, so its a big win!

    Medrano’s saw us ordering lunch and 2 cocktails each, where we maybe got Jami way more intoxicated than intended, but we had a good time and the waiter was great. After that we drove Jami home, took Jason to pick up the car, and we went our separate ways.

    While we were eating, they came out and sang Happy Birthday to Jami and put the hat on her. It was pretty funny! (Sorry its so out of focus- we were all laughing pretty hard.)


    I went to Guitar Center because I needed to pick up an order that came in (just some little stuff) and then headed back to Lancaster to the pawn shop. I had to be buzzed in, and the place was pretty spartan, but that seems pretty standard for the pawn shops I have been in (which is exactly 2 including this one). I asked to see the Peavey bass and a guy took it down off of the wall and handed to me. My first response was holy crap this thing is heavy! followed by hearts streaming out of my eyes. Seriously. Love at first sight. So freaking beautiful. I held it, caressed it, pretended to play it, and then I bought it.

    So now she’s sitting in our music room. Mattie offered to let me use his old bass amp, and I talked to the nice folks at Sweetwater (who I cannot recommend enough- they helped me research a product they don’t even carry after I had only spent $5 with them) and on Wednesday I should have a stand, cable, and strap arriving from them.

    The strings are free of corrosion and look good, so I am hoping I don’t need to change them anytime soon. I haven’t tried to tune it yet.

    I told someone I feel like Goldilocks- trying all the instruments out, looking for the perfect fit.


  • A Little Off Track But Not Too Bad

    Today was a bit of a struggle to stay on track with food but I feel like I did okay. I made good choices throughout the day and went to the gym to do a half hour of cardio before dinner. Dinner was a big salad with ham on it, and a side of mac n cheese that Mattie grumbled about because it was spicy. I used nacho cheese that I had leftover from last night on the pasta and that was very evil of me.

    After dinner we went to Palmdale to check out a new frozen yogurt place (Yogurt Land) and we were impressed. I got the Vanilla Malted and Chocolate Truffle swirled together with a few cookie dough bits mixed in. I only filled my cup about halfway so I wouldn’t do too much damage to my day’s eating. After we had our froyo, we popped by Bevmo to pick up some fancy specialty beers, Mattie some wines, and me a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s. I love me some good rum and Sailor Jerry’s is my favorite!

    I also made a trip earlier in the evening to the store where I bought lunches to last Mattie out the rest of the month, apples, bananas, a cantaloupe, more lettuce, some bacon, and some pudding cups. That leaves me with about $5 til the end of the month after I take out for dog food, which if I’m lucky the dogs won’t even need this month because I bought two bags at the end of last month.

    I also did some quick crafts, busting out my polymer clay and making a pendent, and some clip on style earrings which I’m not quite finished with. I’ll finish them later this evening.

  • Ugh. Mistakes Happen But…

    I thought it was odd this morning that one of my accounts supposed to be payed off by the debt consolidation loan still wasn’t paid off. It’s been like a week since I signed the papers and money was set to disperse and my other two accounts were paid off. I checked my paperwork and my account numbers and found (surprise!) the bank paid off someone else’s account. That led to me spending two hours at the bank, and ultimately being told that the problem would be investigated and rectified within a week. I’m not entirely happy with that response but I guess its the best I can hope for right now. Hopefully the issue will be sorted before my next payment is due because I can’t swing the loan payment plus paying on the credit card they messed up on at the same time. Until its sorted out and settled though, I feel like I’m going to be pulling my hair out.

    I got home from that tedious time at the bank, and then Tracy told me she was at Kinetic Brewing Co with her husband and I decided to drive up the street and join them. I had two beers (they had two Imperial Stouts available as their guest beers) and right after I ordered the second one, Mattie joined us after work. He paid my tab and his and then we walked a bit of the farmer’s market, which resulted in me buying a bit of fresh fruit- plums, peaches, a grapefruit, and a cantaloupe, which were high in price but I like the idea of supporting local business.


    Afterwards we came home and watched a little TV while I cooked dinner (game hens + stuffing + veggies) and then we ate. It was really good and filling. Dessert was the rest of the pumpkin cheesecake ice cream I bought several days ago at Baskin Robbins and I watched Scream Queens, which Mattie declared stupid. I still haven’t gotten to schedule my lesson with the music store, and haven’t gotten to practice my ukulele as much as I’d like to lately.

    I’m planning on working on my blanket this evening and hopefully finishing the current round and getting started on the next new color transition. I keep telling myself if I do one round a day I will have it finished in time for Christmas. That doesn’t sound like much but as it gets bigger, even one round will become time consuming if i intend to make it king-sized.