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    Well… Grades are posted for my half term class and I got the A I figured I was going to get. Considering I had one of the highest points scored in the class and there was a curve, I would have been shocked to see anything else.

    We’re past the middle of the semester and I honestly have no idea how I’m doing in Spanish. The instructor still hasn’t graded anything except a few assignments from the beginning of September.

    Math I’m doing well in but the stuff we’ve been doing the last couple weeks has been being difficult for me. There’s an exam and I am dreading it, but some points are better than none, right?

    Anatomy. Ugh. It’s not good. I’m really, really struggling and it shows. That said, I’m really upping my study game and hoping to pull out of this slump with this next exam that’s in two weeks. We’re currently studying the muscles and nerves, and there’s just so much to know.

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    Am I Done Yet?

    I have done an impossible amount of homework this weekend, and tomorrow I still need to review for a math test. But my brain is fried, and I’m watching the Muppets because I can.

    My labs my psych Dr ordered came back and she says I’m anemic. Yay. Lucky me. So now I need to make an appointment with my regular Dr.

    The kittens knocked over my avocado plants last night but have been super affectionate all day and evening today. Yeah guys, kiss up because you’re not being very nice to my plant babies!

    I finally got my parking permit so I need to stick that on my windshield tomorrow before I head to class. Good timing because I’m tired of chasing the paper temp passes across my dash.

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    Holy Fucking Shitballs, Batman!

    Today was a good day.

    I headed into school and got into Valencia earlier enough to pick up a burger and an iced coffee beforehand. Went through the McDonald’s drive through and when I picked up my order, the older Hispanic man who gave me my food told me in broken English and with much gesturing that my septum piercing made my nose look pretty. McDonald’s also forgot to charge me for the coffee, so double win.

    I got to campus, found close parking, and went to math. We went over some stuff which was mostly boring (how to solve word problems and finding percentages) and then I left a bit after to make some phone calls and pop by the student business office to order a replacement parking permit.

    Then I read in my car from Mad in America, and went to Anatomy lecture. I not only passed the last exam, I got a fucking B! Woohoo! Lecture was on the skeletal system and lab was just a couple hours of playing with fake bones and going over what would be on the next exam.

    I ended up leaving a bit early because I was tired but I looked at a lot of bones before I did.

    Yup. It was a good day.

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    Kinda Peeved

    I had my oil changed last Tuesday and the shop noted that my coolant reservoir was leaking. Sure enough, I was. I told my mom, called for a few estimates, and ended up with a range from $170 – $260 to replace it. I called around and the part was about $50, and when I popped my hood, is held in place by two bolts, two hoses, and there’s a sensor that plugs in underneath.

    Monday afternoon I had an exam in my Anatomy class. I decided to skip Algebra in favor of studying for the exam, hopped in my car, and started on my way to class.

    Two miles down the road, my low coolant light came on and there was a bit of steam coming from the right side of the hood. Fuck. That’s not good. I turned around, drive home, and popped the hood. There was a visible crack along the upper part of the reservoir.

    I’m kind of mad at this point because Mom was right at that minute buying the replacement part. I was going to miss my exam, which I probably would not be able to make up in an already difficult class, and I felt like everything was fucked.

    Mom got home. I compared the two parts. They look like they match up. Got my tool box. Screwdriver to loosen one house clamp, pliers for the other. Socket to remove the two bolts.

    Rafael comes by about then and takes over. He connects the hoses, bolts it back in place and I top off the fluids. Start the car to let it run a bit and get the air out of the system.

    … And the low coolant light is staying on. WTF.

    I look under the car and see he never reconnected the sensor. I had to take the bolts back out, Lift the reservoir, plug the sensor into the new reservoir and just like magic, the light on the dash went out.

    Tuesday I didn’t do much. Finished watching A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and am currently working on finishing Glitch.

    I have a History assignment due tomorrow which I may or may not do tonight, and I also have a Math quiz tomorrow which I still need to review the notes from Monday for. It should be easy though. I’m not worried.

    I still have an A in Math, History, and Spanish, but I’m super worried about passing Anatomy. I’m hoping the instructor will let me make up the exam but I don’t know. I kinda doubt it.

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    So Damn Close

    First off, this is a thing that’s close. Close to being paid off.

    This is my smallest bit of debt and it’s going to be paid off in 7 months. That’s late this winter. I’m super excited about this because once it’s paid off, that’s $80 a month more I am put towards things I need, and what’s leftover can go towards an extra bit on my next smallest debt.

    This is the next smallest bit.

    It should take me about a year to pay that off after the first balance is cleared if I throw an extra $30 a month at it.

    My remaining debts are larger but in a year and a half they’ll have shrink quite a bit and I can start making better progress on them.

    In a way it’s going to be kind of a mixed blessing with how busy I’ll be with school over the next couple years. I’m going to be tired, busy, and probably won’t be doing much extracurricular shopping. I only have room for so many houseplants! Lol

    The other thing I wanted to talk about being close to is the new semester. It starts on the 19th and I’m kind of freaking out. I have a super heavy course load and while I think I set myself up as well as I could for success, it’s still going to be a lot to learn in a fairly short time.

    The history class in taking only runs half the term, and I’m hoping I already know a lot of the Spanish that will be taught first semester.

    But the biology and math are going to be very challenging.

    One day at a time though. Baby steps.

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    Let’s Write in Español!


    Mi nombre es Deb y yo soy estudiante a Colegio de los Cañones. Yo estudio ser un tenico de laboratorio medico. Yo soy muy emocianada!

    (My name is Deb and I am a student at College of the Canyons. I am studying to be a medical laboratory technician. I am very excited!)

    Yo tengo dos perros y cuatro gatos. Su nombres son Yuba, Tejon, Mildred, Tot, Tuxi, y Purl. Los amo muy mucho!

    (I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. Their names are Yuba, Tejon, Mildred, Tot, Tuxi and Purl. I love them a lot.)

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    And It Begins

    Things have started to arrive. I bought the 4 pack of binders (not pictured), and the 5 pack of spiral-bound notebooks.

    The composition books, pens, stickers, printer ink, and charger cord all came from some of the kind souls I talked about in my last post.

    I currently have two packages I need to pick up at the package depot on Friday, and a package via UPS should be delivered that day too. Plus there’s two other packages in transit.

    I made quick reference sheets with the class name, days, times, and location on it to slip into my binder covers. That took a few seconds and will be helpful in making sure I always grab the right binder.

    I gave up on my falling apart, shedding vinyl everywhere purse and move what was crucial into the super cute little bag that Perla got me from Mexico.

    Tomorrow my mom has the day off from work and I’m going to try to get some cleaning done as well as gather donations.

    Tuesday I met with Jami and Tracy and gave them the ridiculous amount of stuff I had set aside for them. I came home with 4 or 5 strings of beads, some lip balm Tracy made me, and that was it. I would call that a win. And Tracy had kindly offered to buy the huge mess of super bulky acyrlic yarns I have.