• What’s Wrong With Us?

    I’ve collected a few tweets that highlight things I find myself thinking about – mainly what the hell is wrong with us as a people that these are the things we have to be worried about?



  • Woohoo! I Have My Own TLD!

    Well, if you’re here, you’ve probably followed me over from my WordPress.com hosted site and now you’re here. And as of about fifteen minutes ago, I have a shiny new top level domain name for this blog. Its not a fancy one, but for $0.99 I’m pretty happy with it. Seriously, no reason to spend $15 a year to indulge my ego, ya know?

    Tonight the super nice lady I met in Winco came by to pick up her pussy hat, and asked if we might try to be friends. She introduced me to her husband and said most of the people they’ve met here were religious types and that wasn’t working for them. I’m not sure if it was the pussy hat or the stuff amigurumi penises on my shop website that clued her in that I’m definitely not into the big G or super conservative. But either way, maybe we will click and we will all win with new friends. 🙂 I’m hopeful.

    I’ve been trying to add new things to my shop but its kind of hit or miss. Mostly its just new items I’ve just made going up, and not the scads of things I made before and never put up. Maybe I will get a handful of them photographed and listed tomorrow.

    I still have no idea what’s going on with my disability appeal. And of course the website doesn’t offer me any help in finding out either. Waiting… it sucks.

    My Instant Pot is still awesome and makes all the things. I did a beef roast tonight with gravy and a green salad, and tomorrow I’m sure I will use it again- I’ve used it almost every night since it arrived! Love it!

    Lucy is continuing her downhill trudge and has been crapping in the house, mostly on the couch, and almost every day. I know she’s old and doesn’t have control any more but ugh. I’m tired of picking up poop all the time. Sashi on the other hand… she’s her normal, boisterous, and outgoingly happy self.

  • I’m Frustrated 

    I am so over all the political threads in one of my online groups. I get we all have different views and opinions and whatnot, but we don’t need to bash everyone else.

    Like most of the people in that group are super liberal. Okay fine. I’m more okay with that then I am with super conservative views. But apparently the thing today is to attack libertarians because they all want to live in a lawless wild wild west? Most of them would be happy with less taxes, and to have the *option* of things like health care – we all could have it if we wanted it, but not be forced into it. I’m registered libertarian because I had to pick something and I took a quiz on the Internet. Seriously.

    All the parties in general suck on some front or other. They all have problems but there’s good in them too. But this whole “my party stands for this and if you don’t, you’re the problem” makes me crazy.

    Why can’t we all do a reset, and start fresh with love and respect for our neighbors, patience and tolerance for those different than us, and to do away with hatred and divisions?

    I know. It’s a pipe dream and I’m wearing my rose – tinted glasses again. But damn it. Why not? The world could be so wonderful!
    I listened to Trump’s speech earlier and he said some pretty things… But how long until he goes back on his word?