• Murphy’s Law

    I had plans today to actually get stuff done, including a few errands for my mom. But I also had plans to meet someone from Ravelry for lunch.

    I should have known today was going to be rough when none of my alarms went off.

    But I headed over to Rosamond to meet my new friend and we actually had a really nice meal and great conversation. The diner was super conservative but the food was great. And I finally got to try sweet potato fries! Omg so good!

    After about 2 hours, we went out separate ways so I could get the rest of my stuff done. I headed over to AVC to get my Spanish text and things immediately started going wonky.

    I was parked in 5 minute parking and the bookstore told me they couldn’t take a DoR check without both my state ID and a valid student ID. I didn’t have a student ID. I also didn’t have a dollar for parking so I had to move my car to visitor parking and walk way too far in the 105° heat to get an ID made.

    Walked back to the bookstore and now they can’t take the check because my address on the check doesn’t match the address on my DL. Finally they decide to accept it. I get my book and leave.

    My next stop is Lowe’s for planters and potting soil for my roses. I find what I need right away and go to check out…. And my card is declined. I check my balance. I have way more money in there than my attempted purchase. I try the card as debit and credit and finally step out of line to call the bank.

    The bank tells me it was declined for a wrong PIN… And that my PIN was never set on the card. Except it was and I’m nearly positive I used it successfully with that PIN at least once. We reset the PIN. I’m able to make my purchase.

    Next stop is WinCo. I grab the items my mom needed plus a few other things. Checkout with no issues. Okay. Maybe my day is turning back around.

    Gas station. I go in and put $30 on the pump. Pick up the handle, and gasoline from the last person who pumped pours all set my feet. I may have yelled “Motherfucker!” and people may have stared at me. Filled my tank. Went to McDonald’s for an iced coffee and went home.

    I was able to repot my rose bushes and water them, but I forgot to drill some drainage holes in the pots so I’ll have to do that tomorrow. They’re looking really good though. Lots of new green leaves and some blooms!

    Tomorrow I need to drive to CoC to pick up my other textbooks. Hopefully it goes a lot smoother than today did.

  • Shopping!

    Last week I bought a few things at the grocery store I wanted to try. Things that I want sure how they would fit into Weight Watchers. But they did fit in and I did like them, so today I went back to the store to really shop.

    I tried to follow the whole “shop the perimeter” rule but some things I do buy canned. I spent $95 on 54 food items.

    • Cottage cheese (3 cups x 4) $7.92
    • Plain yogurt (3 cups x 1) $2.16
    • Italian seasoned chicken breasts (2 bags) $12.78
    • Chicken breast tenderloins (1 bag). $7.80
    • Ground turkey (3 lbs) $9.18
    • Salmon burgers (2 lbs) $10.96
    • Southwest style beans (6 cans) $5.88
    • Alfredo sauce (1 jar) $1.97
    • Sardines (15 tins) $13.65
    • White vinegar $0.94
    • Mackerel (2 cans) $3.70
    • Diced tomatoes (2 cans) $1.96
    • Oranges (8 lbs) $3.98
    • Grapes (2 lbs) $2.59
    • Carrots (1 lbs) $0.78
    • Mushrooms $1.98
    • Onions (2 lbs) $1.87
    • Pineapple $1.98
    • Green cabbage $1.40
    • Asparagus $1.42

    I already have things like canned tuna, Mac n cheese, shrimp, rice, pasta…. So I should be able to make some good stuff plus have yummy snacks!