• Tower Gardens

    I had a really weird dream.

    My mom and I were with my aunt and uncle and we were supposed to be going straight home but somehow it was 4am, and I had to be at school at 7am and we were in another country. I was super angry and demanded we be taken home. There was a litter of puppies in the car, and my aunt insisted we finish delivering them first.

    I have a total meltdown, and then suddenly I was living with my parents in this huge house and my dad installed a bunch of hooks into my ceiling. I decided this was the perfect time to move my houseplants into my room.

    But my houseplants were all living in this weird, super hard to get to, dark tower that was filled with scary animals. Animals that had mixed with each other over time and gotten really weird.

    I had to use a really really tall ladder to access the tower room, and there was a lock on the door. It was old and I managed to get it open. Two other people were there helping me and first we had to remove a huge python who was guarding the door.

    Most of my plants were very dead but a few were still okay so we started grabbing them to be handed down the ladder. Then suddenly I noticed the tower room opened up to the left to a huge paddock. A horse came charging at me, but I stood my ground and smacked it on the butt as it ran by.

    Someone else appeared because they was their horse they thought died 20 years ago. They started telling me this story about how they retired the house to their uncle’s land, and at first people use to race go-karts there. Then over the decades they lost popularity and the horses traveled deeper into the hills until they entered the cave system that ended in this paddock.

    We finally got my plants out and were making our way back down the impossibly tall ladder when I woke up.

  • Houseplants!

    I took photos of all of my babies!

    Monstera deliciosa. 8″ pot. Growing like crazy! From Hirt’s Gardens in Ohio.

    Spider plant. It’s much happier now that I realized it needed more sunlight. But I lost 4 of the 7 small plants before I realized what it needed. From Lowe’s.

    Zebra plant from Lowe’s. I love those bright yellow flowers! I just got this one this week. 6″ pot.

    My tiny baby Snow Queen pothos. This was a cutting that rooted quickly, but the original leaf died off. This new leaf is so pretty though! Etsy.

    Arrowhead vine. The mug is in its huge! It’s easily 3 times the size it was when I got it. Walmart.

    Croton and Diffenbachia. Acquired this week. Lowe’s.

    Parlor palm #1. These two babies also came from Hirt’s Gardens in Ohio.

    Parlor palm #2.

    The ones that got me to try houseplants! My two avocado seedlings. The second one is finally developing leaves. I sprouted these last November and they’re so slow growing, but our weather is all wrong for these guys, so…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Happy Houseplants

    After almost two years of successfully growing some low light aquatic plants, I decided a few months ago to try my hand at some houseplants.

    A year ago I had a peace lily, which I promptly killed. Around the same time I stick some avocado seeds in water (the toothpick method) and eventually sprouted two of them.

    A few months ago, I planted the avocados in soil, and one has done really well with some beautiful leaves. The other is still just a stem but it looks like a healthy stem.

    There’s a 3rd seed in there I just stuck directly into the dirt. Maybe it’ll sprout, maybe not.

    Around the same time, I ordered a monstera deliciosa online and it was shipped to me a medium priority mail box. It’s been putting out new leaves like crazy and in the last 6 weeks has more than doubled in size.

    After that, I bought this tiny little arrow leaf vine, which was the only healthy looking plant at Walmart. It’s also doubled in size and is thriving.

    After that I ordered two parlor palms which whole they aren’t getting tons of new growth, seem really happy as long as they’re pretty wet. I did drain off the extra water after I took this pic – I don’t leave them sitting in a lake! Lol

    I also bought a spider plant, which is not doing well, and I have some pothos cuttings that I’m trying to get to root.