Language Learning

Many years ago, I took first semester German at my local junior college. I did really well, and I took to it like a duck to water. Well, like most ducks to water. Our black duck is afraid of water.

Anyway, I recently downloaded the Duolingo app and started doing the work for German and Spanish. Our next door neighbor, the wife, she doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish and I would like to talk to her. 🙂

I also bought courses in both languages in Udemy and while I’ve only watched the first class video in the first German class (the alphabet) I think it’s going to be helpful. The teacher only speaks German in the lessons, but uses illustrations and things to help you understand. That’s a lot like my classroom instruction was.

I also joined a chat for German language learners (a club on the Duolingo app) and had fun king to another learner!

I feel like a child trying to communicate but it’ll get better!

Foreign Language

I saw this posted somewhere and it makes perfect sense. Trump speaks in vague fragments, never completing a thought, which sounds like gibberish to those of us who aren’t fervently following him. But to those who hang off of his every word? Read these screen grabs and it falls into place. His foreign language actually feeds exactly what his followers want right to their ears.

This just enforces my belief that he will say and do anything to get people to like him- which is going to result in one hell of a clusterfuck for this country.