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    Well… That’s Done.

    Today was one of those days where I really feel like I would have been better off staying in bed. I was so tired this afternoon, and I fell asleep shortly before I needed to leave, almost making myself late.

    Then on my way to Valencia, I overshot my turn off by 6 miles and was more than halfway to Lancaster. Had to flip a bitch and head back.

    Math was confusing today. And we have a quiz on Wednesday so I need to study today’s stuff and make sure I actually know it. I might be feeling a bit of burnout.

    Last night I also didn’t quite get my Spanish homework done in time so I’m going to get a late penalty on some of that too. Ugh. But I think I’m still just maintaining an A.

    Tonight we got our current grades in Anatomy and JFC I think most of us are idiots. Of the 54 students, 23 have grades under 65% and only 13 are over 80%. I know the common thread here is the instructor, but I really think we’re just mostly dumbasses with bad study skills. Myself included.

    When I got home, Mom had dinner waiting for me, and after I ate, I decided to get my Women in US History final out of the way. I opened the test to see the drop-down for the answer choices, but none of the questions were visible. After trying the final on 3 different devices, I could finally see the questions, but I’d also wasted 15 minutes of precious time. And then halfway through the exam, twice I had to run to the bathroom because of surprise GI upset.

    But I got an 84/100 which gives me an 89% in the class, and there’s a curve, so that’s a solid A. I’m just glad I’m done with that class now.

    I’m definitely thinking I need to redo my class scheduling though to take no more then 14 units a semester but I dunno. We’ll see where my grade in Anatomy sits in a few more weeks now that I’ve just gained an extra 4 hours a week and I’m going to double down on studying.

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    Freaking Out Over Nothing

    I did this week’s quiz in my history class and was absolutely sure I had a perfect score, but after I clicked submit, it came back as 35/40. Ugh.

    Between entering my last answer and hitting submit, one answer got changed from the correct name to just three letter “k”. Grrr.

    I freaked out because it means my grade would slip down to a high B and I immediately emailed the instructor about what happened.

    Then I started reading the messages she’s sent out over the last few days and I realize she grades on a curve and I still have a solid A.

    I was panicking for no reason at all.

    I have an A on the VHL portion of Spanish but a B on the Canvas part. I’m not sure how she’s going to average them together but either way, my grade is good there.

    I have an almost perfect score in Math, and I think I have a C in Anatomy but that should come up after the next two exams.

    Right now I should be sleeping because I need to be up at 8am but I’m wide awake… Gonna be another night with not enough sleep but tomorrow is going to be fun either way!

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    Holy Fucking Shitballs, Batman!

    Today was a good day.

    I headed into school and got into Valencia earlier enough to pick up a burger and an iced coffee beforehand. Went through the McDonald’s drive through and when I picked up my order, the older Hispanic man who gave me my food told me in broken English and with much gesturing that my septum piercing made my nose look pretty. McDonald’s also forgot to charge me for the coffee, so double win.

    I got to campus, found close parking, and went to math. We went over some stuff which was mostly boring (how to solve word problems and finding percentages) and then I left a bit after to make some phone calls and pop by the student business office to order a replacement parking permit.

    Then I read in my car from Mad in America, and went to Anatomy lecture. I not only passed the last exam, I got a fucking B! Woohoo! Lecture was on the skeletal system and lab was just a couple hours of playing with fake bones and going over what would be on the next exam.

    I ended up leaving a bit early because I was tired but I looked at a lot of bones before I did.

    Yup. It was a good day.

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    Keep On Swimming

    Wednesday I went to class, and my math instructor announced the quiz would be “open friend” and that “a lot of you need help so ask for it!”

    I was the first person to finish and immediately had other students lining up to ask me questions. I got a perfect score on the quiz, so I know at least a couple other people did equally well.

    After that was anatomy lecture, and at the end of class I asked about making up the exam. He said I could come to the lab and take it then. Obviously I said okay and headed to the lab.

    He put me in a storage room and have me the exam. I think I did okay on it but I don’t know how well. But some points are always better than no points!

    When I got home I had a history assignment due that night so I got on it and got it done. I’m not completely happy with what I turned in, but I suspect it will be okay.

    Thursday I didn’t do much of anything. Today I panicked, realizing it was Friday already, and slogged through about half of my Spanish work for the week. I’ll be finishing it tomorrow one way or another.

    Right now my laptop is downloading a huge 12 gigabyte update and I’m watching music videos. I would be studying the human skeleton but I’m too tired to actually absorb anything right now.

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    Kinda Peeved

    I had my oil changed last Tuesday and the shop noted that my coolant reservoir was leaking. Sure enough, I was. I told my mom, called for a few estimates, and ended up with a range from $170 – $260 to replace it. I called around and the part was about $50, and when I popped my hood, is held in place by two bolts, two hoses, and there’s a sensor that plugs in underneath.

    Monday afternoon I had an exam in my Anatomy class. I decided to skip Algebra in favor of studying for the exam, hopped in my car, and started on my way to class.

    Two miles down the road, my low coolant light came on and there was a bit of steam coming from the right side of the hood. Fuck. That’s not good. I turned around, drive home, and popped the hood. There was a visible crack along the upper part of the reservoir.

    I’m kind of mad at this point because Mom was right at that minute buying the replacement part. I was going to miss my exam, which I probably would not be able to make up in an already difficult class, and I felt like everything was fucked.

    Mom got home. I compared the two parts. They look like they match up. Got my tool box. Screwdriver to loosen one house clamp, pliers for the other. Socket to remove the two bolts.

    Rafael comes by about then and takes over. He connects the hoses, bolts it back in place and I top off the fluids. Start the car to let it run a bit and get the air out of the system.

    … And the low coolant light is staying on. WTF.

    I look under the car and see he never reconnected the sensor. I had to take the bolts back out, Lift the reservoir, plug the sensor into the new reservoir and just like magic, the light on the dash went out.

    Tuesday I didn’t do much. Finished watching A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and am currently working on finishing Glitch.

    I have a History assignment due tomorrow which I may or may not do tonight, and I also have a Math quiz tomorrow which I still need to review the notes from Monday for. It should be easy though. I’m not worried.

    I still have an A in Math, History, and Spanish, but I’m super worried about passing Anatomy. I’m hoping the instructor will let me make up the exam but I don’t know. I kinda doubt it.

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    Everything Is Crazy

    I’m in the second week of the Fall semester and I feel like I’m drowning. I know in a week or two, things will feel more stable, but right now I keep thinking I bit off more than I can chew.

    My math class, which I was terrified I was going to flunk out of in the first week, is the only class I’m not worried about. My instructor is amazing and I realized all the review I did with the Khan Academy app really put me ahead. We’ve had one quiz in the class and I got a 100%. I’m extremely confident that I will be equally successful at least 3/4ths of the way through the class, and I feel like the instructor can actually walk me through anything new.

    Women in US History isn’t hard, but I did just totally fuck up an assignment. The class is 100% online, which of course has its own challenges, but after doing a factory reset on my phone, my phone was showing the wrong date, and I thought I had less then 15 minutes to get an assignment in. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever turned in, but it’s clearly not the best either. This class only rubs half the normal term so in about 6 weeks it’ll be over.

    The reason I did a factory reset on my phone is because I was trying to do my Spanish assignments and the microphone on my phone would not work at all. I confirmed it was working for phone calls, but no apps. A reset has fixed it though so I can continue with my Spanish assignments.

    I actually started out enrolled in a Spanish class that meets on Saturdays but quickly switched to three online class because the Saturday instructor was awful. Abrasive, sexist, and after talking almost entirely off topic for more than 4 of the 5 hours of class time I knew it wasn’t going to work out for me.

    Human Anatomy and Physiology I. We have a lab practical on next Wednesday and then the following Monday, an exam in the lecture hall. I’m freaking out that I’m going to bomb the crap out of them both, but hoping that I’ll do okay. The lab practical involves looking at a lot of slides and identifying the type of cells we’re looking at, where in the body they’re found, and what they do. I’m going to be spending my long weekend studying histology until I dream about it.

    Only Math and Anatomy meet on campus and it’s only on Mondays and Wednesdays but the hour long drive each way is exhausting. There’s not enough coffee in the world to make up for it.