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    Things are Happening!

    Yesterday I met with the nice lady at the Department of Rehabilitation and we got things moving. She put in a referral for me with Foster’s, who will put me through the ringer in a few weeks to help find…

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    I Did It! 

    I woke up Thursday and I was excited. I was going to call Adam, the piercer I was going to use, make an appointment, and get my nipples pierced. But I wasn’t able to reach Adam so I called the…

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    I’m not really angry anymore, but I am contemplating unfriending Mattie on Facebook, and his mom too. My curiosity got the better of me, and I went trolling back to his posts when he announced our breakup. There was rather…

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    I’m So Angry

    I’ve apparently reached the post-break-up ranty/angry stage. Is this a thing? I honestly don’t know. I’ve been sitting here and all I can think about is all the shit I have dealt with over the last 8 years…. culminated by…

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    Not Much Left Now

    In the last few weeks, I’ve thrown away or donated roughly half of my possessions. I took my desk out of my room and got the TV stand from Mattie’s bedroom to take its place. It takes up a lot…

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    Room Progress Day 3

    My bedroom is almost as good as its going to get. Once the floor is done in the other room, I can put the yarn that’s currently in my closet away, and the stuff on top of the Cedar chest…

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    Room Progress Day 2

    Things are looking a bit better now. Part off the bed is exposed as is about half the floor. Next step is to get my dresser in here and put the bags of clothes away.