Things I’ve Bought Online

So I made the mistake of rediscovering the Shop Goodwill website. Not only are there bargains to be found, there are some pretty crazy things listed if you take the time to look. And it combines my love of auctions with my love of thrifting.

Mattie’s paying me back, but I won him 2 big lots of mixed Legos (about 30 pounds of them total) for about $150. We got the first lot of them yesterday and holy cow! Check it out.


The box is slightly longer then wide and about as tall as it is wide- and he had already taken some Legos out of it. Lots of good pieces of all different shapes and sizes, though there were a few random Duplo blocks and a couple Legos that had been damaged- some were burnt? Weird. The other two boxes I won him are about 1.4 times this amount total, so he’s going to be sorting them for a while.

On Saturday evening, I checked to see what was listed at Integrity Public Auction, a local auction house. Sometimes they do internet only auctions, and sometimes they allow absentee bidding for live auctions. The current auction when I had a peek was for absentee bidding, and I saw something I couldn’t resist and had to bid on. I ended up winning this little beauty for $20 and picked it up on Sunday afternoon.


Its a little soprano and maybe even brighter in color in person. It sounds a little plinky but I still like it. I’m having some trouble not muting the strings a bit with my forearm when playing it- its teensy size is really throwing me off! I wasn’t supposed to buy another uke because I actually have one from Goodwill on its way to me now. It should be arriving on Wednesday- another soprano.

One last auction find for today. Here’s some history. I have always loved violin and fiddle music. They make me happy. But its a notoriously difficult instrument and also expensive. I’ve been looking though and I found what I hoped would be a great deal on eBay. I bought it and I spent about a week freaking out that it would be destroyed in the mail.

Finally, yesterday, I received this box. It took me about ten minutes to get the end of it open, but it was definitely packed securely and the inside was lined with chunks of Styrofoam and wadded up plastic.


This was what I felt like I had been waiting half my life for.


I finally got it out of the box and opened the case. I was so worried that maybe it got trashed in the mail, but nope, its perfect.


I then took it over to Tapp’s Music and asked them to give it a once over and tell me if anything was wrong with it and if it was a suitable beginner’s instrument. It passed muster, so then I asked for contacts for instructors to teach me how to play. I left with two business cards, one for someone who teaches classical violin and one who teaches violin and fiddle. I called the fiddle lady when I got home and set up for my first lesson this Friday. I’m super excited!

Mountain Dulcimer Progress

I shot this quickie video last night, and for a few days I’ve been able to peck out several easy songs in he drone style no problems. Yesterday afternoon I started trying chords, and this is the result after practicing Amazing Grace a few times. My tempo is way off, but its kinda recognizable and so much easier than I thought it would be.

I am loving this instrument and can’t wait to be able to play more complex pieces!

Mountain Dulcimer

Me on Friday afternoon.

“I think I’ll go window shop the thrift stores. Not spend any money, just look. There are 5 thrift stores nearby.”

*visits first 3 and doesn’t buy anything*

*visits 4th and buys bedsheets for $3*

“Okay. I’m doing alright. We actually needed those.”

*goes to #5 and sees a stringed instrument that is pretty but doesn’t know what it is. It’s $45. finally puts it down and goes home *

*goes back to the store and offers the lady $35, which she refuses. Buys a pizza. Goes home and eats pizza with Mattie*

*goes back and buys the thing. it’s a mountain dulcimer.*

*goes to YouTube to find out what it’s supposed to sounds like and orders new strings for it*

So now I own a 1996 Dulcimer Factory DF1 Backpack mountain dulcimer that I don’t know how to play. But I watched several videos and I think its within the realm of something I can learn, so that’s okay.


Its pretty and the sound holes are leave and butterfly shaped. Its got a few scratches on the back of it, and there’s some sticky residue on the fretboard where someone had put stickers, but I can clean that off when I restring it.

I would love to be able to play this song. So pretty and so bluegrassy. 🙂 I love bluegrass music. <3

Meeting the Ukulele Club!

This afternoon I met up with the High Desert Ukulele Club for the first time. I was nervous, and my stomach was doing flip flops because I am really bad at meeting new people. I got there at 4pm and found out the first hour or so is typically used for visiting, eating dinner, and just general socializing. The group is pretty much all retirees, and I only saw one other tenor ukulele there, but there were two really cool cigar box ukes made by someone’s uncle.

At 5:30, the meeting started, with announcements, and then solos for people who wanted to play them. Someone (Birdie) suggested the group have a theme song and she played and sang it for us. Everyone agreed that was a good idea.

I learned that there is a mailing list where they send out the month’s music choices ahead of time (I signed up for it) and the group plays through the list of songs together. A few of the songs no one knew well enough to play so they got booted back to the next meeting. I only know like 3 chords, so I just played the ones I knew and faked the rest. I’ll be working on learning a few new chords before I go back in two weeks.

The group was really nice though, super friendly, and it couldn’t have been any better. Really fun!