• Clean/Purge,  Health

    Why Do I Have All This Stuff?

    I think my brain is working towards hypomania… I’ve been busting my ass organizing and culling stuff to be donated or just thrown away. Last night I went through all my clothes and everything that is nowhere near able to…

  • Clean/Purge,  General

    Spring Cleaning Intensifies

    I’m still on my Spring cleaning kick. Yesterday I spent almost all day in my craft room trying to organize things, food things I thought I was out of, and put stuff in my car for donation. I almost filled…

  • General

    Cleaning, Getting Rid Of, and Taking Care Of

    I spent almost all day on Sunday cleaning. I went through my cedar chest and my craft room, and I found a ton more stuff to donate that I just don’t love enough to leave up in my shop. I…

  • Beauty,  General

    Things I’m Buying

    I made a nice sale in my shop, so I was able to put some towards the big things, and I bought a few things I needed as well. Unfortunately, one item will have to be returned because it won’t…

  • General

    Not Much Left Now

    In the last few weeks, I’ve thrown away or donated roughly half of my possessions. I took my desk out of my room and got the TV stand from Mattie’s bedroom to take its place. It takes up a lot…

  • Photo Dump

    Room Progress Day 3

    My bedroom is almost as good as its going to get. Once the floor is done in the other room, I can put the yarn that’s currently in my closet away, and the stuff on top of the Cedar chest…

  • Photo Dump

    Room Progress Day 2

    Things are looking a bit better now. Part off the bed is exposed as is about half the floor. Next step is to get my dresser in here and put the bags of clothes away.

  • Crafting,  General

    Final Tally & A Tour

    Here’s what’s gone out of my craft room over the last week! Woohoo! No wonder my space feels better. Shopping bags of stuff donated – 15 – including almost 5 miles of yarn – 5 pounds of beads – 4…