• Y’all The Stupid Hurts

    I was browsing Twitter and saw some comments regarding the Tangerine Shitgibbon’s comments on the horrible, scary, destructive fires ravaging California. Basically, the Forestry department is at fault here because they abused their funding, and failed to take up all the pine needles.

    It makes my head spin that this idjit was elected to run our country. He’s of low intelligence, is incredibly inelegant, crass, rude, and completely clueless about the things people actually care about.

    I watched the results roll in over the night of the last election and while Team Blue didn’t sweep evening away, we did okay. We lost the Senate but got a pretty solid grip on the House.

    Do I expect to see amazing changes? No. But I do expect to see them fighting back against Team Red and helping us win a lot of small victories which will add up.

    And more then that, I’m hoping that people will see even with this year’s iffy voter turnout, we can effect change, and the next election will have an even better turnout which will hopefully win us the Senate too.

    The “Grand Old Party” might be been the right thing way back when, but we’re well beyond the dark ages of human rights. We can and should do better. We all deserve that.

  • I Voted (& I hope you did too)

    Tonight my mom and I drove to our polling place, with plans for me to vote. I convinced her to vote too because she was already there, and at the last minute, she did.

    I’m glad she did because people like me and my mom and my friends need to take back the country from Trump and his lackeys. The United States isn’t feeling very safe with him in charge, and I worry for my person of color, my female, my queer friends.

    We all need to be part of the solution. Because remember, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!

  • Foreign Language

    I saw this posted somewhere and it makes perfect sense. Trump speaks in vague fragments, never completing a thought, which sounds like gibberish to those of us who aren’t fervently following him. But to those who hang off of his every word? Read these screen grabs and it falls into place. His foreign language actually feeds exactly what his followers want right to their ears.

    This just enforces my belief that he will say and do anything to get people to like him- which is going to result in one hell of a clusterfuck for this country.