polymer clay

Crafting Craze

I’ve been doing a lot of crafting the last few days, some completely new projects, and some where I added to and really finished off some old ones. Here’s a few photos… 🙂


The doggies are modeled after Sashi and Lucy of course, and I had fun making their little bowl of kibble. You can’t see it in the photo, but the bone says DOG on it too.


I was going for cute and simple with the girls, not trying to make everything perfect. My joins are obvious but I’m not worried about it and I think they turned out adorable!


These fish I all made months ago- maybe over a year ago. I realized they would look better mounted on a plaque and I added the little clumps of coral to balance it out. I made the coral the same way I made the kibble in the bowl above. I added two eye screws and a wire and have mounted this one on the wall.

Yesterday morning I went to Michael’s and came home with all this stuff.


  • 8 wooden plaques in different sizes and shapes
  • 3 strands beads
  • 3 bottles paint
  • e6000 (2 oz)
  • detail paint brush
  • set of 3 bristle brushes

Total $24.56 (Savings of $13.47)

I’m planning an anniversary craft with some of this stuff! But you won’t be seeing that until July!

I also finished up this guy who will be going into my shop soon last night.


Life Goals (Well, A Goal Anyway)

I’ve been doing some research and have decided that some time next year I would like to visit one of my closest friends who lives in Washington. Of course that costs money and I won’t be able to save enough to get there on my own until July. To help raise the money to visit my pretty lady, I’m offering 18% off of everything in my shop, including sale items. Everything. Just click on through to http://kittyloafdesigns.com and use coupon code CATOWASH at checkout. Easy peasy!

I’m also doing the logical thing and begging for Christmas money instead of gifts to hopefully get the money together faster because I really don’t want to have to wait until July! Below are just a few of my makes you can buy in my shop.